Shan needs our help, let's do it !

Shauntelle Tynan
Suffering an extremely rare form of cancer. 

Lots of tears here as I'm putting this particular piece together. As you read this current blog of mine, I want you to forget totally about my ongoing battle with my own Cancer. Blank it out of your mind. Park it over there please. 

Something a lot more urgent has just crossed my door. This blog is a special one folks. Shauntelle Tynan needs help, your help, my help, our help. Shan is an 18yr old Carlow (Irish) girl fighting a rare form of multi system Histiocytosis X (LCH), which is an autoimmune/ rare cancer disease. She was diagnosed in may 2015 and has went through 5 failed treatment protocols. She has had treatment between Ireland and Texas and instead of improving, more systems have become involved. 

Jesus this kid doesn't deserve THIS in her young life. Shan is still a kid for goodness sake (Shan, that's a compliment from me by the way). From what I can see here, is that this young lady has grown up quicker than most high ranking, hi-powered individuals breathing her air right now will ever do. That's some testament.  

Shan has started yet another course of Chemotherapy however, because of the severe rarity of Shauntelle's cancer, the medical expertise that is required within this field is based in the Texas Children's Hospitalunder the primary care of physician, Dr. Kenneth Mc Clain. This being the case, it has been decided that Shan's best chance to beat this is to get her back to Texas (she has already been assessed there), for a period of months (possibly a year) in order to find a combination that her body will respond to and get her to the healthy vibrant 18 year old she deserves to be. This comes at a huge price and after much negotiation the quote has come in at US$527,000. 

The need to get Shauntelle back to Texas is most urgent. This feat can't be done alone and YES, your help is needed. Any donation even €1 is one step closer for Shan. I am pleading with you all to please help this young lady get this treatment and where you possibly can, assist in any way possible to raise the necessary funds. 

Click HERE to view Shan's 5 min. direct appeal

My blog is nearly at 70,000 page views, which I fully respect and appreciate, but this 18yr kid needs a serious boost. The best (can do) thing I can directly offer right now is to devote one of my entire blog posts to this young hero. 

As I write this blog at 5:30am in the morning, Shans fund is standing just short of €430,000 so this goal folks is very much in reach.

If you can assist this young lady at all, I encourage you to click over to her GoFundMe page and donate what you can. 

Please click HERE to donate.  


Thanks so much for reading this special blog. 

We cancer patients tend to stick together, so I'm sure I'm within my remit in telling you that Shan passes on her heartfelt thanks. 


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