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Soaring high while losing the ball and chain.

If I was in a position to write a Doctors prescription, it would be to competently with certainty write a script for a specific type of medication.
'What's the drug" you ask?
A injection of a flight in a glider or indeed a motor-glider, an opportunity that I was generously offered over this last weekend. Friday evening saw my phone ring, with a friend  William Treacy on the opposing end offering me to go flying with him in his motor-glider the following morning. 'YES" just blurted out of my aero-sexualised lungs. It was an immediate reciprocated trigger. 
My flight was in a German engineered and built motor-glider. It even sported the appropriate aircraft registration EI AYR. In command of our aerial adventure was William, a seasoned long haul airline pilot who spends more time in Hong Kong than soaring over the lush green hills of our royal county. When not jet setting the far side of the globe, or soaring among the County Meath skies, you can also find William pil…

Can tiredness get exhausted? My balloon is a HOT topic, a nice fundraiser is launched and my podcasts are looking for a friendly sponsor.

I have always prided myself on being busy. Not saying always productive, but I have to be doing something, I just can't sit still. Some people see this as a positive. For me the jury is out on that one. You see, if I'm not physically busy, I still am mentally. Trying to get those cogs in the grey matter of mine to slow the f&ck down is next to near impossible. 
Oh wait, bring on my chemotherapy. Over the past few days, since my last infusion really, these drugs have welded the brakes ON with my mind and of course my body. Yes, I am sick, yes I am fighting one inoperable bastard that just refuses to let go, but the sudden onslaught on how quick I get this exhaustive feeling is frightening, if you let it be. The best way I can explain it, when good or normal in my books, it's akin to being out in the light, on a good day, perhaps even the sunshine, but then as I'm enjoying that warmth, the clouds blow in from nowhere, my body gets the chills, my brain gets sucked dry …

Ballooning, Bristol, Cancer, The Real BBC.

From the launch field of the 2017  Bristol International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. 

I'm just about properly rested from a 72 hour escape I pulled off which started at 4am last Thursday morning.  Under the guardianship of my close friend Sir Andrew of Blagdon, I took part in this fantastic Aerost├ítico experience. BBC Radio Bristol took an interest in my story, as such, host Martin Evans had a chat with me on the launchfield. Just click the link before to access it the interview:
Click here to access the BBC Radio Bristol interview.

I was just steeped in some luck that both my mind and body where in agreement to let me push a few boundaries and visit this event, but not just that, but to fly in it too. Over the past 24 hours, I published my very first podcast. Without having to reinvent the wheel, my inaugural podcast features in spoken terms what I would be scribing here, focusing on the serious fun and adventure that went on in Bristol. 
This being the case, I invite you to listen in on …

The Bells, the bells, wrecking my head.

Bells and Cracks, both work for Murf.

It's been a longer duration than usual since my last blog. I must have been busy, I hear you say. Let me put my hand up and admit to doing little. Since my newly acquired blood clots in my lungs, I have secumbed to Doctors orders and have taken my foot off the accelerator. When I say 'foot' I am speaking in reality but also metaphorically too. My mind has also slowed down (just a little too). Side issues re pain and discomfort that my stomach has recently being experiencing have thankfully sub sided all because of this prescribed regime. I have a new medic on my Oncology Team, 'Dr Darko' so kudos to you Doc for (quiet literally) putting your hand on the pulse with regard to resolving these issues I have been having. This gentleman is the newest member of 'Murf's Medics' and he nailed it with his quick and very accurate diagnosis to my then tummy discomfort. I am of course busy taking my daily injections in the tummy,…