A Birthday Party, Taxman destroys my wages but PayPal rescues me.

Ann's Birthday Party in their stunning home last night. 
L-R: Richard Dunne, Murf, Shiela Kelly, Ann Owens (Birthday Girl), 
Angela Dunne, Alison Murphy. 

Friday saw a lot of running around for me which had me zonked with tiredness in the afternoon. However, during the week, there was one date for my diary I wanted to keep. We were invited to a friends birthday party and I was adamant I wasn't going to miss it. It was being held in their georgous home, which I admit to being secretly in love with. Apart from it being a fabulous dwelling, it's just a beautiful home. Being a house based party, I knew I could grab a comfortable seat in a quiet corner and not be pushed and shoved which would be the case in any traditional weekend pub atmosphere. 

Last night's birthday party gave me an opportunity to meet up with plenty of people I wouldn't have seen for a while. It's a small world when I tell you that I bumped into Karen. Who is Karen? Well Karen (by day) is a senior vascular physiologist. In my usual tongue and cheek fashion, I was telling Karen's company last night that the last time I bumped into her was in the Bons Secour Hospital in Dublin. Karen was rubbing hot oil all over my bare chest, (my sense of humour can help a lot when I'm out and about as it breaks the ice and helps deflect any doom and gloom). I gave Karen one of my lapel pins to make up :). 

Coming close to midnight I could feel myself getting exhausted. Did you see what I did there? I skipped the 'tired' word on purpose, simply because last night I didn't get tired, I went from one extreme to the other. From bright eyed to zonked. So at 12:30am we were home and horizontalised and a full night's (non-stop) sleep was duly accomplished. 

To Ann and Mark:  
"Thank You both for a most beautiful evening 
which was most enjoyable and just oozed friendship and hospitality"



Friday however didn't start off as well as it finished. A quick glance at my online banking yesterday morning and all I could see is that I just got paid €78.80 for my months wages. WTF?? After a strong coffee which bought me some calm down time, I put a call into my employers Payroll dept. It was explained to me that every month, the Irish Taxman sends each employees tax certificate to their employers payroll dept. This month, there was a change on how this is done, the tax man was migrating from sending manual certificates to an electronic version. 
 What could possibly go wrong ?

My wages this month:  €78.80

What did go wrong?

In English, one tax certificate didn't cancel out the other, so the tax Cert that went live for me (and 90 other PayPal employees as it happens) to payroll contained zero tax credits. So in essence it meant most of my wages this month is gone on tax. My net pay that hit my bank this month? €78.80

Lovely!! Just what I needed !!!. 

The Fix:

I had to call the taxman direct to sort it out as this issue was being resolved at their end. To to fair, I got speaking to a very approachable gentleman. A quick glance at his own screen and he identified the problem immediately. With the mix up in two different tax certificates, I was seen as effectively two separate profiles on their system, one with my proper tax credits and one with none. With the push of a button (I'm told) that this is now all sorted for next month. On nailing down a definitive closure to this before I ended the call, I was advised all will be re-synced for next month <nervous nod with tight grin>. 

But what about the €78 that's the net sum total of my wages for this month ? 

As I have already found out (and you might be still waiting to), but when things go wrong, that's when you know who your friends really are. My employer, 'PayPal' saw what had happened, so as my €78.80 wages were lodged to my account at 8:20am yesterday morning, seconds later I received a 2nd lodgement of approx 70% of my net wages as an advance from PayPal. Tell me, how many other employers would do that when the issue was not theirs to own ?  

PayPal saved the day for me, again. Thank You !!!


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