Monsters and Angels + Richard Branson gets framed for Inspiration.


My previous blog was heavly weighted towards those dark thoughts, the negative forces, my monsters. It was important I wrote about them though, why? Because they are a part of my reality and it's important on that fact alone that they are recognised but only done so in the manner of what they are, a 1st cousin to my pet scorpion aka my cancer. 

Overlooking this whole new dimension in my life, excluding my legend of a wife, Alison, daughter Aoife, inlaws and friends, is a small but crack unit. I can count them on one hand. I'm not going to embarrass them by naming them here but they are a certain group of individuals, two based here in Ireland and one in the USA and when I call them my Guardian Angels, I use that term with the deepest meaning and highest respect I could ever afford to it.  

My Guardian Angels flank me on a non-stop basis. You can have a giggle at this and perhaps even suggest that my Chemotherapy sinister side effects are gone on overdrive but when I tell you that when I turn in a certain direction, looking for an answer, a desperately needed hug or even just a friendly (non-family) chat, one of this trio magically appears out of nowhere and is there for me. 

The most awestruck feeling I get when one of my angels appear is one of pure love, a very similar love to what I sensed from St. Pio a number of weeks ago. It's a love of care, a love of being wanted, but more importantly, a love of being minded, being watched out for.  Do they  shelter me from the monsters? Definitely!. It's an amazingly warm feeling and to be honest, something that I have never sensed previously. I guess my Guardian Angels were off duty till this hidious cancer decided to show itself and declare it's intention, but to be brutally honest and even biased here, they answered my call for help and they are at my side, I know it, they know it, St. Pio knows it. 

Without sounding like a chemotosed disk jockey, I have this song track that I play regularly. I was trying to describe its real purpose to myself earlier. My most accurate suggestion is to christen it my private and personal anthem. It just resonates so strong with me. 
So to my Guardian Angels, this is a special request. 

I salute you. 

Have a listen and enjoy the track. 

Click here to play the track. 


Richard Branson 
Framed for Inspiration. 

Murf holding a framed piece of magic. 
(In the background is my balloon tethered at Barretstown)

I've mentioned before here in my blogs, that I'm not a big fan of that 'inspiration' word. I still figure we inspire ourselves, but we do need a catalyst to trigger that process. I collected mine (catalyst) today from my good friends in Callan & Harte in Navan. I'm thrilled to bits how it turned out. 

The bottom line is:
 "I framed Richard Branson and I got away with it". 

Now when my monsters come, I'll escape to a certain wall in our home. I'll soak up (again) that personal and beautiful message that my icon took the time to write and send to me in his latest book. 

I'm not sure if Richard Branson is acutely aware of what he did for me here, but I can assure you, that I certainly am.  This gesture is a serious blast of encouragement to me, and here's the twist, because of who wrote it, It's a multiplier of itself. 


Thank you so much for reading my blog. 
If suits, drop me an email to say hello. 




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