PayPal Flies High For My Birthday.

PayPal: Making sure I am still UP when I'm down.

It's 4am and I just woke up. My first morning after the night before AKA, yesterday's Chemo and the initial horrible backlash I got from it. I'm feeling a bit better now in myself than I did last night going to bed. Yesterday, I ended up vomiting my guts up in the car as Alison rushed into my GP for prescription documents after my 4 hour IV infusion of chemotherapy. I was in no way, shape or form to pull a decent blog together last night. However, within the last 48 hours, I received both a very thoughtful and very generous Birthday present from my colleagues in PayPal. Being it is time sensitive with my Birthday, I would like to use this blog to show some gratitude to my employer and give you an insight into their world and my illness. 


I'm a PayPal customer (using their services) since their 2nd Birthday, so I was always pretty competent in how it all works. With a strong IT and Customer Focus related background, when the opportunity came about, going to work for PayPal was not exactly a rocket science decision on my part.

When I received the horrible diagnosis of my Gastro Cancer, once I had informed by immediate family, my next call was to my employer. I genuinely felt physically sick making that call. I will always remember that immediate response from PayPal:

 "Aidan, don't you worry about work, you just need to get strong and just focus on getting better".

You see, I never went sick in my life before and never did an overnight in a hospital as an adult. Hearing those reassuring tones in my ear from my employer meant and to this day means an awful lot to me. 

With my birthday just a few days ago, and my work colleagues fully conversant with my passion in flying Hot Air Balloons and Helicopters, I just received a fantastic birthday present from PayPal. A state of the art drone with on-board high resolution 1080p camera (see photo above). How cool is that ? Alison, my wife was given a box of chocolates too. On behalf of Alison and myself, we both wish to thank the entire PayPal North American Limitations Department for getting together and organising this. What a brilliant surprise to get !!! This has lifted my spirits no-end, oh, there's me punning again, sorry. 


A recent employee review of PayPal 
(I just picked this review as it was written on my Birthday last week). 


I'm always asked, what I do in PayPal. Well, I'm a fraud specialist currently employed in one of PayPal's Fraud Prevention Departments and I deal exclusively within the North American Market. When I started working for PayPal, my Aunts and Uncles would ask me: 
"Aidan, what is PayPal?" I would initially respond with "Ask your kids" 😂.

In a nutshell, PayPal lets you (and me) send money (using our bank or credit card as our funding source) to anybody else in the world and thus allows the other party to receive our funds. In essence, it allows the receiver accept payments by credit card and allows the sender the flexibility of safely and securely using one. Here's the twist, the receiver never has sight of your card or bank details and they even get paid instantly. The  senders payment data is held by a secure means internally by PayPal using their highly advanced and encrypted servers with full redundancy. With a quick, free and easy sign up to it's services, makes the online secure instant payment facilities that PayPal offers very attractive for both buyers and sellers alike (that's me and you). 


A good practical way on how PayPal actually works:
(Lets use as our example) 

My St. Pio Balloon Support Lapel Pin. 

As you are probably aware, I voluntarily send out my special support lapel pins all over the world. To help recover the cost of post and packing but more importantly, to cover the replacement cost of the lapel pins, I accept voluntary donations. I do so by using PayPal.
I provide a special link into PayPalThe person fills in their donation, signs themselves in to PayPal (or signs up if first time) and sends their donation to me. Your donation then arrives instantly in my PayPal account. I then receive a notification. What I do next is 'withdraw' those funds to a specific [Lapel Pin] Bank A/c I have set up. I do this as I need to keep the lapel pin donations away and totally separate from my PayPal balance, otherwise the next time I want to use PayPal to purchase something for myself, my PayPal balance would be used first, hence the initial swift bank transfer. Then, when I wish to replace the lapel pins, I do so by ??? Yep, by PayPal, but this time I switch the funding source to a Visa Debit Card linked directly to the specific bank account that I transferred the incoming Lapel Pin money to in the first place and the funds are then transferred instantly to the Pin Suppliers PayPal account. Quick, easy, efficient and more importantly safe, for everyone.  


Thanks so much for reading my blog. 

Again, I would just like to reiterate my total gratitude and appreciation to PayPal, my employer. As you can appreciate, it means rather a lot to me as I continue to fight this terrible affliction. 

Re my cancer: Things are moving in the right direction as per my recent scans. 

Your money is in safe hands with PayPal but I know I am too. 

I dedicate this blog to PayPal and my fantastic colleagues within their employ. 


Secure Email : 


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