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Paying back a Pal and then a scan is summoned.

You know what they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going... One of the very first entities to come to my rescue when I got hammered with my diagnosis, was my employer ‘PayPal’. A big and indeed very sucessful organisation where it could be very easy for me to become a barcode, never mind a number.
But this was never going to happen, not with PayPal. These people have been instrumental in taking my background stress away from me. Paying me full salary for over six months and are still to this day paying not just my healthcare plan, but that of Aoife and Alison’s also. I can assure you, not many employers here in Ireland put their head above the parapit and do this and I can certainly testify to that. My current WEEKLY healthcare bill alone is €1,050. This is every week and for now, no sign of it changing. But via our paid for healthcare cover, Paypal have this sorted !
It was only then right and fitting that I be able and indeed allowed at least try and give something back. S…

Dark clouds brought a demon, but the sun broke thru too.

Dark Demons cometh but the Sun arrived.

"How do you manage to always be in a bubbly humour wearing a smile?" This is a casual question / remark that gets sent my way every so often. Yes, I do always put the good side out, that's just my DNA I suppose. I always say, smiles and hugs are free and I do like them both. So when out and about, you'll certaintly get one and if I know you well enough, perhaps both off me. 
As I fight my bastard tumour (I'm not being ignorant, but I'm not it's parent, retrospectively), hence my common use of that 'B' word. I am just as human as you and YOU, so my mind is well up for receiving dark thoughts too. Just last week, totally zonked from my chemo, I go to bed early, 4pm early. Lieing silently and tired on the bed, this dark (quite dark) cloud decided to pay me a visit.
Whatever possessed the following thoughts to enter my mind at that particular moment in time is anybody's guess, but I strongly suspect, the fact th…