And the HITS just keep on coming.


I wasn't going to put a blog up tonight as things are a bit rough here right now. I did put a mini update on my own Facebook page just now. Then I twigged, with my 65,000+ pages views here on my blog (sorry, couldn't resist that selfless plug), I owe the majority of my loyal supporters an update here, as you cannot sight my Facebook post and you are just as important to me here on blog-land as my friends are in Bookface-land. 

Transcript from my Facebook post tonight:

It's now approx 8hrs since my Chemo infusion finished.  
This one is after walloping the living shite out of me people. Typing this is even hurting my fingers. Head is not much better either, so no blog tonight but this mini update on my FB page. 

In under 90mins (midnight), it will (here) be at it's darkest. Once the clock strikes 12, it's guaranteed to start getting brighter albeit slowly, for the day ahead. 
I'm plugging into that and will work along side. Please god tomorrow is better. I need the Sun to rise, I want to rise with it. 

I'm making free tears here now. I don't deserve this, other bastards do and they walk free but I get it. 

To my friends: 
If I was to meet anyone tomorrow, I need to cancel, so sorry. 

To my tumour: 
You're wasting time putting up this objection to my Chemotherapy that's slowly shrinking and hopefully killing you. Yes, I'm crap now but know this:
I'll take any amount of pain from you, I'll take on more, as the drugs squeeze the life out of you. Bring it on. I'm up for it. Yes I'm wired but wired a different way. I'm not the norm and never was so heavy on it. I've a lot more fight in me. 

St Pio: I know you are in my corner. Keep an eye on me tonight. Sleep beside me please. 



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