REIKI n' Roll !


  1. a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body and restore physical and emotional well-being.


    I'm sure (just like me), you have ever heard of 'Reiki', pronounced Raykey and perhaps like me, you were / are not sure exactly what it was or indeed what Reiki is, hence my opening lines which I borrowed from the dictionary. 

    It was a friend of mine who mentioned Reiki to me some weeks ago, they are a frequent recepient/benefactor (??) of this treatment. Do pardon my ignorance on this if I'm using the incorrect terminology here, but I promise I'm a quick learner. I mulled over going for this treatment for some weeks now. I'm one of these people who measure twice and cut once. The more I considered going for a session, the more my mind was warming towards it. A big consideration for me was how long this person is in involved in this area, in this case it's 20+ years. 

    So yesterday (Thursday) was my appointment with Annette. Driving up the avenue of a beautiful country house, I had the obvious apprehensions in my mind, but that aside, I just knew I was in the right place and at the right time. My own goal in doing this was to, at a minimum get my mind as relaxed as possible. You see, I'm always conscious of the fact that those who know me well would often say to me "Murf, does your mind ever switch off?" With me totally focussed and even then re focussed some more on beating this dreadful Gastro Cancer Tumor of mine, I'm so acutely aware (now, more than ever) that the state of my mind right now is of vital importance to me as I continue this journey. 

    I'm brought into a very cosy and purposely decorated warm room. My first impressions or indeed feelings are of peace and tranquillity. A pleasant introductory chat ensues between myself and Annette and then I'm invited to take my shoes off and lie on a comfortable purpose built bench/table. Annette covers me with a very comfortable and warmed up blanket. For a split second, I see myself on an airline flight flying first class and I'm being made extremely comfortable by the air hostess before my flight commences. This is a flight my mind was very much looking forward to. 

    The lights are dimmed, there's a beautiful scent in the room and a nice tranquil soundtrack is qued up and played. Annette invites me to close my eyes and get totally relaxed. Suggestive relaxing related phrases and descriptions are verbally given to me. Within a few minutes I find myself in a very pleasant and becalmed state. I'm sure I could get into a deeper experience but I was subconsciously aware this was all new to me and I had never met Annette before. As her hands were placed on my head and then moving to my arms and legs, all in a very gentle way, I could feel myself sinking into a wanting and deeper relaxed state. 

    As my Reiki session continued, I sensed some most unusual moments. The most noteable was, as Annette was working behind me, I could hear and feel 3rd party movement on my legs, literally the far side of the cosy room we are in, remember, I'm 6ft 4" in height. As time ticked then tocked by, I find myself sinking deeper, (I'm told I fell asleep). Then, a strange moment makes itself known to me. In the faintest of faintest of distance, I hear morse code. For the record, I can send and receive morse code. Infact I hold a licensed Ham Radio callsign to do this (EI5HW), see my previous blog of Feb. 19th 2017 'In a Radio Daze'. I can transmit and receive at approximately 12 words per minute (one character per second). The morse I could faintly hear was easily 25/30 words per minute. It was an interesting side experience to say the least. 

    The session continued and then what seemed like 20mins but was well in excess of 1 hour plus, I hear Annette gently asking me to come around, to open my eyes. I'm invited to sit up on the treatment bench which I do and Annette offers me a cold glass of water. Call it perfect or indeed anticipated timing, but this very welcome H2O tasted just beautiful. As I remain sitting up, Annette gives me a perfectly well described and chronological synopsis of when and what was done by her during my Reiki session. I'm told of a (spiritual) heavy set lady that was present for a portion of the time. Earlier in the day, I was thinking of my late Granny on my Mums side, a lovely jovial lady who would have been of a heavy set build. There was no names mentioned here, but it's the first person I thought of. A strange coincidence perhaps or was it more ?

    As I got myself ready to depart Annette's company, I have to say, during this Reiki session, my mind was at it's most relaxed state it has been for some time. The feelings my body and mind experienced were different to what I would have ever experienced before and it was good. 

    The question you are probably all asking yourself now is, will I go back for more?
    The answer is Yes. I definitely will. I liked what I experienced and I'm conscious of the fact that this was my first experience of Reiki and I admit to myself that I was quite apprehensive before and moderately during this new experience of mine. 

    In closing, It's possible that Reiki therapy is not for everyone. I approached it with a very open and honest mind. I would also consider myself of a spiritual disposition. Maybe the latter helps in this? quiet possible. If you are considering in following my lead on this, apart from knowing what Reiki is, I think it's important you take cognisance of what Reiki isn't. It is not a cure, it's not a fix, it is not any kind of black magic or similar dark ritual. Infact, it's the total inverse of the latter. I started this blog with a reference quote from an English dictionary. If asked for my own 'Aidan Murphy' words on what it is, I would obviously go along with the dictionary's take on it, but I would top and tail it with a very uncomplicated line: "Reiki is an assisted healing ritual that uses a competent individual that is well experienced in this art". 

    Going forward and if you think Reiki appeals to you, I will leave you with my two pennies worth of advise:

    Be diligent of who you might consider booking a REIKI session with. As I said earlier in this particular blog, I made contact with Annette via a friends referral. I was also mindful of Annette's experience in this field and as such I knew I was going to be attending an Individual who is well tenured in this area. 

    Thanks so much for reading my blog. 
    70,000+ page views can't be wrong 😀

    I hope in some way you got something out of it. 

    I'm here for me but I'm here for you too, so please don't be afraid to say Hello

    Have a super weekend everybody. 


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