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Chemo and Clots, both say hello.

Yesterday, my weekly chemo day was going to start of with a difference. Over the past few days, I've had what's best described as an awkward discomfort in my tummy. Of course, it is so easy to jump to an inaccurate and self styled conclusion. Lucky I tend (in these situations) to follow my own advise. Que my mindfulness courses that I learn from the Gary Kelly Support Centre. On advising the team of this new discomfort, it immediately put a hold on my chemo and triggered a CT SCAN. The good news this week is that (in the Bon Secours Hospital at least) is that any CT SCANS I now go for, no longer require me drinking that dreadful contrasting dye. My scans can be successfully provided without this process, most helpful. However, I do understand, certain types of scans will still require this ordeal.
Back up from the SCAN and to my Oncology day unit, where I am placed on an IV fluids drip for 2 hours. Then one of the Dr's on my Oncology Team comes over and pulls the privacy cu…

If you build it, they will come.

The title of this blog relies heavily on the storyline of that Kevin Costener hit movie, which was released in thenineties, 'Field of Dreams'. Last Thursday night (July 20th 2017), the Dunshaughlin Pastoral Centre was my field of dreams. Hard to explain and difficult to put into written words, but it was over the numerous prayers and chats that I have and continue to share with St. Pio that this crazy idea of my talk 'INSIDE OUT' was born. For the last 3 months, the idea of doing this was in the forefront of mind. Everytime I would pray or relate to St. Pio, the thought and detail of doing the talk I did last Thursday was conditioned to be forefront of my mind. As I said, this happened everytime I spent time with St. Pio. The thoughts and ideas shared with me were not going away. The really strange bit for me was that I readily accepted this, call it a proposal, but I know it was more than that. When I expressed how nerve wrecking this would be, I was told that the nerve…

A First Flight and emotions flew too.

Last weekend had a definite aviation theme attached to it. With the weather gods shining, it was time for Trim Flying Club's annual Summer BBQ. Not to confuse things, but the club is now based at Weston Airport. So off Team Murf headed in the direction of Darby's Resteraunt, currently under the stewardship of one Mr. Paddy Ryan, a gentleman  whom I know for over 20 years, small world huh?
Cousin Brian and Rhys flew in from Navan airfield for the BBQ. As the afternoon drew to a close, the evening began to get a lot more exciting. You see, just as we were about to head home (full to the gills with Paddy's succulent steaks), Brian and Rhys hatched a plan. "Would Aoife like fly back to Navan'?

Aoife, taking off from Weston Airport  on her very first light flight in a light aircraft. (Piloted by Rhys Kellett & Brian Meegan). 
Well, I never saw excitement explode onto a little girls face as quick and as much as it did last Sunday evening at Weston Airport. From a safety …

Ups and downs but the rise and trot is A-OK.

I need to have my DOWNS....  Why? Because without them the UPS would mean nothing. The last few days has seen me bounce around with new found strands of energy levels. The feeling of actually having energy, on tap et al, is a sensation I haven't felt for months.. and it's beautiful.

Aoife, on board Snowball, being ably assisted by Molly.

Roll on after lunch today, and whatever went thru my body, it decided to take the afternoon off. As is smart when this happens, listen to your body, It's having a chat with you. Well, it's grabbing my attention. There was a balance for me to check in with during this speed-wobble. I've just missed Aoife's first ever riding lesson at a local riding school.. DAM IT !! Equine Experience runs in the family with Aoife's Grandad Pat, a retired lifelong member of the Ward Union Staghounds, so I think 'no fear' appears to be the order of the day. A big thanks to Bea at Pelletstown Riding Centre and Aoife's instructor Elaine …

My Cancer: Horror, Hate or Help ?

The 3 H's is what I have christened these. The title you have just read is set like multiple-choice answers, just pick the correct one. But wait, look again, there is NO CORRECT answer here. Why ? Because there is NO INCORRECT answer here either. Of course I have done the HORROR and yes the HATE duly followed and to be honest, that HATE word left my mind in recent weeks. The HATE being towards my cancer. You see, for me, HATE is a word that can and does eat away at thoughts, my thoughts and perhaps yours too. It can and generally is an all consuming word that also takes up residence in a dark place. 
Hating your illness or condition (to me) is a reasonably acceptable and understandable feeling to have. However, that doesn't mean we have to secumb to it. Most of us shake the hand of hate, it's a reasonably impulsive thing to do. What I done was park that word with it's thoughts. Do not confuse this with helping it or giving in to HATE, far from it infact. By isolating HAT…