Demystifying Chemotherapy.

If you stopped 5 different people on the street and asked them the question 'What exactly is Chemotherapy ?'
More often than not, you would get 5 different answers. 

Chemotherapy is actually a cocktail of different drugs, and that cocktail make up is different to each patient, depending of course on their own dictinct medical circumstances. 
It can be tablet or liquid (it's both in my case as per my previous blog post). The liquid can be different colours too. One of mine is red, which is interesting as Yes, it makes my wee turn red, but just for a short duration mind you.  

I couldn't mention chemotherapy without mentioning the dreaded side affects that come for free as part of the package. Yes, I got fully briefed on them and received a comprehensive document detailing what the side affects can be. From an early stage on my diagnosis I promised myself I really wasn't going to get too drawn into this area. My attitude is, if this side affect or that side affect is going to happen to ME, then bring it on. Reading too much about it in advance could have and probably would have me overly concerned about something that could be about nothing, if I wasn't a candidate for that particular effect. My previously mentioned rule of banning 'Dr. Google' from my life would have a big part to play on this also. 

To be balanced and indeed give some respect to chemotherapy. Yes, it's a potent combination of  a cocktail of drugs. It can and does inflict damage on where it's meant to be, but Chemotherapy does not read from an A La Carte Menu, it goes after nearly everything that gets in its way. So when I'm receiving my chemotherapy, my body is first individually drip fed a variant of different drugs over the course of a few hours which in affect 'sugarcoat' the parts of my body where we don't need the treatment to be active. 

Feeling nauseous is another side affect/issue you might hear about. Yes, this can and does happen, but did you know that after each course of my chemotherapy, I'm given a powerful tablet over the course of a few days that 'switches off' that particular trigger in my brain. So now, you can begin to see the amazing advances and progression that has and continues to be made in this particular area of medicine. 

I've been asked what side affects do I experience the most? 
At present, sudden bouts of extreme tiredness, this could come over me within minutes but then can leave as soon as it arrived. I just have to be mindful, if out and and about, to park as close as I can to where I need to go. After a few meters of walking, I have found myself just needing to rest against a wall or railing. But then the next day, that might never happen. So I have to learn to preempt nothing and while under this treatment to take each day differently, which is really alien to me, but that's the advise and I'm taking it all on board. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this. 
Feel free to share my blog if you feel it may benefit somebody else. 
As I always say, every day is a learning day. 



  1. Hi Aidan. You are one brave man making public such a personal struggle/battle. It just shows what a determined person you are Aidan. We are all thinking of you... Brian W

  2. Thanks Brian.
    Part of my battle plan is to fight this in the light, not the darkness.
    It means I'm not trying to live a double life if you see what I mean, in that I get to focus on what's important to me in this debacle.
    I'm also actutely aware of a lot of support I have out there.
    By sharing my corner, I get to share back a lot of how this support is of immense help to me.

  3. Thank you for sharing all this. Too often it's kept silent..."we don't talk about The Big C" nevermind the treatment and what it does or how it makes you feel. It's real it sucks but l know you are going to give it all you've got because that's how you Roll

  4. Well Aidan, I don't know where you get your energy from but it's mighty and fair play to you. I have to say that your writing would and inspire others in the same boat ( or baloon) as you. Keep her lit my good friend.

  5. You are so brave! Brave to face this head on, and fight for you life, and also brave for talking openly about the medical procedures that are now part of your life. We love you, and we know you can do this! Keep fighting!!������������


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