A weekend of Porsche, Helicopters and Hammers

The Stunning Porsch Panamera

Well, this weekend flew by, literally !!
(More about that F word later). 

Saturday evening saw my cousin Brian and friend Declan show up and bring me out for a beer and bite to eat. 
What better way than to be chauffeur driven and in a stunning black Porsch Panamera. A car I could certainly get used to but not sure about retrieving the balloon in it. 

My first time to be out for a meal and draught beer since I got sick. Thoughts did go thru my mind, even paranoid thoughts, who will see me out? will people I know come over and say hello to me? Do people who see me out understand I'm good and on the road to beating this ? I need not have worried. 
We went to the Snail Box. A big shake hands from Stevan the manager and Philip the owner coupled with a warm and genuine 'How are you doing Aidan, great to see you" from both of these gents. 
We arrived there at 4:45pm. I really enjoyed the tasty food and draught beer number 1 since I got ill, but by 6:30pm my batteries were wilting. That's the part I hate. I'm having a ball, then the wake up call when reality tells me I still need to get better. But crikey, it's brilliant to get out. A big sincere Thank You to Declan and Brian for this. 



Roll on today (Sunday) and another outing is planned.  
My friend Gerry has invited me for a flight in his helicopter. 
I know Gerry for years, we both qualifed as helicopter pilots in the same flying school and the rest as they say is history !!! Gerry flew in to Dunshaughlin this morning, landing next door in Grandad Pats (Dads) farm. 
After shutting down, we had a good chin wag. Andrew (a mutual friend) is just home from the US on a break from flying commercially in New York City and was with me this morning when what I affectionatly call the 'Gerry-Heli' had landed. After 15-20mins of three-way pilot banter, I got strapped in, Gerry hit the start button, and NOTHING !! All silent. So we set into trouble shooting mode, over some coffee, apple tart and cream produced by Alison, Yum !!

The good news was the issue was not major by any means but we needed a hammer !!
So what do ya do in a time of need? 
Call on a good neighbour obviously😜


I can now report back that we got the helicopter started and Capt. Gerry very generously took yours truly up for a spin. He had the dual controls in, so I also ended up getting a feel for the aircraft type I used to fly. Doing some orbits of Killeen Castle, with big smiles on my face. 
Pure Magic !! Thank you so much again Gerry. 


With plenty of fresh air got during the first part of the day, the batteries were draining come 3pm. This appears to be normal for me and of course is one of the major side affects of my chemotherapy. So I listen to my body and I switch off for 2 hours. This gives me the energy to go again and stay up till 10pm most nights. 

So I'm resting here in bed right now, finishing off this blog on my iPad and listening to a crystal clear BBC Radio 2 that's playing music I'm just loving. 

No big tears tonight, thank god. No upsets. Just some really nice memories over the past 48 hours.
Yes, there's moistness in my eyes right now. 
But it's not what you might think, It's a baby tear that has just arrived as I'm thinking how LUCKY I am for the most genuine of friends that I have. 

Tonight's blog I dedicate to my beautiful friends. 
You know who you are, 
You know why you are,
and you know where you are..

...and I know that too. 

That's all that matters. 

Good night all and thank you so much for reading my blog. 



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    1. Great read Aidan.. So happy you got up to fly in the chopper today. A definite moral booster.. You continue to inspire us all..��

  2. So glad to see others uplifting you as you have done so often for others. P


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