Blaming the Apprentice.

Just finished watching 'The Apprentice' on BBC TV tonight.  One of my favourite TV programs but to be fair and in my defence, I watch very little TV. Watching this TV show always brings back good memories to a few years ago when I got shortlised to the final 100 out of 8,000 applicants, where I jumped on a plane and flew to London and stuck my neck above the parapit. Meeting a TV production crew there and getting through two extra interview process's at the same time. I was just chuffed to even get called over to be honest. 

Fast forward to now and what I'm doing or trying to do, re putting my health setback out there and with that, tackling head on all that it ensues. I feel I'm now serving a different type of Apprenticeship, as I have zero experience in dealing with this deck of cards plus there is no Lord Sugar to guide me along. A pity as I enjoy his humour. 

But my apprenticeship does give reactions, the feedback, the smiles and yes tears too, as this gig is fully charged with high powered emotion and then some. Since I've started this blog, which is still in it's first week of infancy, I've been blamed for a lot of things. I've been blamed for quietly pushing that runner across the finish line of a recent marathon. I've been blamed for helping that mature student focus on that exam. I'll be up front and admit this type of feedback has caught me well off guard, the latter exam story I was just told today, my eyes teared up, my embarrassment saved, hidden by my glasses. Don't get me wrong, I was chuffed to bits that this happened, just never ever expected it. 

So if I can be blamed for anything else, bring it on. I'm only too delighted to help in any small or indeed meaningful way. As one of my own sources of strength Jack Kavanagh can be heard say "Everybody has their shit, it's just boxed in different ways". Jack nails it with this statement. For me, it's a great equaliser for my own mind. It was me thinking back of this statement from Jack during that same split nano second I stuck a needle in my own stomach and injected myself for the first time with my daily inohep injection. 

I'm now 3 weeks into this daily injection routine, with some months to go, but my point is, I needed that extra push to do it for myself. So Jack, I'm blaming you for this one. LOL. 

Thanks as always for reading this folks. 
This is a two way street. 
Your support is very important to me. 



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