My Brain, Ballooning and Breaking Point.

I've touched on this before here, the brain is an extremely powerful entity. 
We are all different, all gods children as I say. Our minds can and do reach breaking point. 
We all deal with our situations very differently. 

Today I got a visit from one of my fellow flying buddies Joe Daly
Joe flies the Waterford Hot Air Balloon and this year was the meet director of the annual Irish Hot Air Ballooning Championships in Loughrea. Joe drove up all the way from Waterford this morning, the oldest city in Ireland to say hello and catch up with me. It was while chatting today with Joe and discussing how I'm handing and coping with this sudden health blow, that the jigsaw in my mind of how I'm actually dealing with my tumour seamlessly floated into place. 

You see, some people (well rather a lot) that ask me, assume I'm lying awake at night, stressed out or worried about what I'm going through at present. When infact this is a million miles away from reality.
I sleep sound every night once I nod off. 

I hope the following doesn't sound strange. Although concerned, I don't worry, panic, or stress over my current illness. I never did. Yes, this does get odd reactions from people when they hear it for the first time. 
Personally, I blame the balloon and let me explain why. 

Between my initial balloon pilot training and ongoing flying experience over the years, for me anyway, I totally relax in the basket and never ever get worked up or anxious in flight. When you are flying a 100ft tall aircraft with no steering wheel or brakes, you really need to be of a certain disposition and if you are not, it certainly helps if you are. 

What's the point worrying about the following, and yes, I've encountered these situations and more similar:

Where am I going? 
Am I going to sink in this lake I just splashed in to?
There goes the balloon taking off without me (pilotless), now what ?
How will I know the right field will come up to land in ? 
Can my retrieve get access by road to the balloon when down ?
Will the landowner be friendly ?

So now you can begin to see (and I've stated it before), why I treat my cancer as another balloon flight.
For me, I'm blessed that I can pull on this aerostatic attitude and realign it to my current ground issues.
I'm convinced that my ballooning discipline is rightly disposing of itself on terra firma and this gives me the 
impetus both to fight this beast but also to write about it here too and put at bay any chance of any breaking point. 

Of course every day is a different day for me. My breaking point could well arrive yet, but any sign of it and I'll be digging deeper for the 'in-basket Aidan' to be ready, able and fly into place, literally!!

The 2016 Irish Hot Air Ballooning Championships Pilot Prize  

When this year's Irish Hot Air Ballooning Championships was in full flight in Loughrea, Galway during late September, I was flying my own flight but in Hospital in Dublin. This afternoon, I was delighted to receive one of these specially commissioned hand carved works of art (pictured above). Each of the participating pilots in Galway received one of these stunning pieces of artwork. 
Thank you so much Joe for this present.. 
This is so much appreciated. 

So in closing, always fly the best flight, it's ok to be concerned, mindful and respectful of what's going on. 

But for goodness sake, stop worrying about what can go wrong, but get excited about what can go right.

Thank you for reading my blog.  



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