All Go at checkup and Mrs Doyle says Go On, Go On, Go On...

This morning was check up time for me in the Bons Secour. My blood levels were low last week during my chemotherapy and the powers that be were keeping me on a tight rein. I need not have worried, the levels today were up in the high greens which was great. In English, this means my body is standing up to the chemotherapy and not dropping and drowning in its own immune system because of it. 

Jakki, one of the senior oncologist nurses who looks after me was all smiles, as she tells me 
"We're giving you a good dose of chemo Aidan, so this is excellent news". 

With the experience over the last few days, I wanted this boost. I needed this boost. Now I got it. My body is not letting its fence down. I said quietly to myself, "C'mon the Murf, you've got this, keep that blood count high". 
This now means my daily tablet chemotherapy routine can recommence straight away. 
We are good to GO !!


Whilst in for my checkup today, I mentioned to them how upset I was getting some nights, and how it has been brought on rather quickly, very quickly infact.
Like the advise from my friends and close support team, my hospital team were in one way relieved to see this happening. 

"Remember Aidan, you came from fit and healthy into us with no warning. Your mind has to deal with this, plus the side affects of what we are giving you, so let it out, it's important" 

They were of course mindful I keep in check and keep them updated if this is becoming a real issue. I've no problem with this. But I do understand that it's vital I deal with it and with a strong comprehension. 
As I write this blog tonight, lying in bed, Alison my rock is right beside me and I'm in a good place.
My upsets during the week may very well comeback but you know what? next time we won't be awkward strangers, will we.



Every time I walk into the Oncology section, based on the 2nd floor of  The Bons Secour Hospital in Dublin, I get overcome with a mixture of feelings. It's hard to be clinical here, but it's a combination of Care, Friendliness and Professionalism but all mixed up in a beautiful way with that something extra thrown in for good measure. I call it the 'M' word. 

Just like this morning in there, I was walking down the corridor before entering Oncology. 
"Ah, How are ya Aidan" a hail and hearty voice billows from a low sized lady that's  sporting the biggest smile and is always chirpy.  "Ah, jeez, Myra how are ya" I say

Welcome to Myra everybody

For followers of the hit Irish TV comedy series 'Father Ted', Myra is morphed in to the character of Mrs Doyle, and done so seamlessly and to perfection. 
"Chief catering manager extraordinaire to the hospital and purveyor of the finest coffees, teas, scones and handmade sandwiches this side of the river Liffey (and that's just for me)" I cheekly tell her every time. 
All served up with the finest Dublin sense of humour and sharp wit to boot. 

I told the medical staff in there before, "every Oncology Dept needs a Myra and you guys have one"
Wheather I'm having bloods taken out or chemotherapy put in, Myra is never too far away from me. 
The lady is a genuine one of a kind and the craic and banter we have together would put anyone in a good humour. I'm pretty sure if my Chemo drip stopped working or an IV alarm went off, Myra would know exactly how to resolve it and probably would. 

Thanks for reading folks. 



  1. Ah tks a million for your kind comments Have a great Christmas with your little family ...from Myra Health care Assistant AKA ..Mrs Doyle xx

    1. Your the best.
      Thanks Myra.
      'The Murf's'


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