Hair today, gone tomorrow ? But Mr. D calmed things down.


This morning when I woke, I just ran my hands thru my hair and Yep, there is a definite thinning going on. 
For the jokers among you, it's been duly noted that I'm already follicly challenged. At haircut time I'm a blade 1. 
But to be fair, going from a blade 1 to a complete zero shine is not something I'm looking forward to. 

It's not the physical loss of hair that's my concern, it's when I look in the mirror, or see that photo and it's the physiological connection to my illness. That's  when things may go astray in my mind. I want to be prepared for it. When I may even get paranoid of people looking at me. I do not want, need or warrant this side issue but I have come up with a plan to deal with it. More about that towards the end of this blog. But the last thing I want and need will be an unwelcome distraction with it. 

Chris inflates his Sky Hopper Balloon. 
Note the white circle I've drawn, it's his seat while airbourne. 

With this mulling around in my head today, it was time to seek absolution from a higher authority. It was time to ring Capt. Dunkley who hails from his castle in the metropolis of Wendover in the U.K.  Chris is a UK Civil Aviation Authority approved Hot Air Balloon Inspector and also a senior Flight Examiner . He's responsible for examining my balloon every year and subject to inspection, approve it to fly for the following 12 months. If you're a student pilot, he could well be the chap that does your examination flight. No better person to call when you need some cheering up but also a unique individual who can always offer you a different view and skew on things. I think every Chemo patient need a Chris Dunkley, and I have got mine, just as every hospital oncology department needs a Moira (see my blog Tuesday 22nd November 2016). 

Funny Story: The last time I had Chris over, we were doing the balloon inspection indoors in the Dunshaughlin Community Centre. Chris was doing the obligatory burner test (outside) when within minutes of igniting the powerful sirocco propane burners, the police whizzed around the corner with blue lights flashing after receiving complaints of a flame thrower being used. 

Something to read on me
when they stare at my impending hair loss. 

So I'm sure most mornings now when I wake up, I'll be checking my hair level or lack of it. It'll be interesting to see how long it takes to totally disappear. Infact, will it totally go ? Who knows. But we have one way of finding out. 
If it goes, it goes. If it stays, it stays. If and when I go totally naked on top, I'll be wearing this tee shirt (above). So when I am stared at, those doing the gawking will have something to read in the process.. 

How about that then ? And no I'm not joking !!

Thanks as always for reading my blog



  1. Love the t-shirt and the attitude!! I think that a positive attitude has everything to do with healing! Keep up the good fight! Much love and hugs, Linda Heisig


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