When the chips are down, Brian pops up.


Brian Jones, first non-stop around the world
in a Hot Air Balloon. 

When fighting this  type of battle that I am right now, I need to able and reach out and grasp the will and the energy from somewhere. The last few days did see me on a bit of a downer. Human feelings do come into play which I respect (not really much of a choice here eh ?) but there is good and bad always mixed up in these. I think the trick here is to deal with the bad and the good feelings tend to follow your DNA. With my PayPal work colleague the late Sean O Kelly R.I.P passing away, Santa inviting Aoife to his HQ in the North Pole, I didn't know this week wheather I was coming or going, blowing hot or cold or even sinking or swimming and to top matters off, my stomach was not in a good place at all tonight. After repeated loo visits, I think I'm over the rough side of this though. 

Then this evening saw my email inbox go ping and I receive an email from Brian Jones
Brian, a licensed Hot Air Balloon Pilot and certified flight instructor, (pictured above right) along with Bertrand Piccard, co-piloted the first successful uninterrupted circumnavigation of the world on board the balloon Breitling Orbiter 3. They set off on 1 March 1999 from Château d'Oex in Switzerland and landed in Egypt after a 45,755 kilometre flight lasting 19 days, 21 hours and 47 minutes.

I know Brian a number of years now. We met up when he was over in Ireland on a Press/PR mission and needed to borrow a basket, tanks and burner to fly the replica of the record breaking balloon he copiloted non-stop around the world. I figured back then, well if you can't trust a chap with your balloon kit that's flown the first non-stop around the world balloon flight, well who can you trust, eh ?

Brian's email this evening perked me up big time. I carry a serious respect for this gentleman. So when I read his email, I put my mind in a similar place to where his would have been on 1st March 1999. Plotting, planning, looking ahead, dealing with whatever crosses your path, and a big one, having faith and trusting the crack team around you. 

On a humorous note, the only negative vibe that I could possibly paint, is that it was this fantastic flight of the Breitling Orbiter 3 balloon that aroused my interest in this formidable watch brand. Yes, I'll admit to being a massive fan of Breitling Watches and over the years I have had what I call, the odd moment of weakness. 

Let's just say, I'm never late for my chemotherapy appointments in the Bons Secour. 

Thanks so much for reading my blog. 





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