Shining Silently

'Shining Silently'
(Reproduced by kind permission of Cathal Noonan)

It's not every day I see a photograph which causes something in my mind to go 'click'. Apologies by the way for that dreadful pun. This image (above) was captured by Cathal Noonan. Cathal is an award winning press photographer to whom I got acquainted with last March when I was invited to witness San Diego based Jet Pack Pilot Nick Macomber fly his hydrogen peroxide powered flying machine down the River Liffey and across the Ha'penny Bridge in Dublin City Centre. Cathal captured a stunning image of that stunt which I duly purchased from his photographic agency, see below.

'Framed in Flight'
Nick Macomber and his jetpack 
airborne over the Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin City. 
Photo © Cathal Noonan 2016


But back to the shot at the top of this blog. I'm not sure if Cathal put a title on this capture but the second I saw it, the words 'shine silently' came right into my mind. This photograph resonates big time with me. I see that beam of light as my hope, my aspirations, my journey. The source of that beam is brilliantly lit, that's my attitude and the beam is directed upwards and is shooting into the stars. I'm aiming for the stars too. However, in my mind, by aiming for the stars, I will be quiet happy to hit the moon. If I acheive that, it means I will have handled my situation well and will have beaten my stomach based tumour. 

I will be having my next chemo (I.V) session this coming Tuesday. Up to now, as I'm lying back in the specialist recliner in the oncology unit at the Bons Secour Hospital, all I could think of is toxins being pumped into my body. The fact that it's red in colour doesn't help. Yes, I know it's all for my benefit but with actions stronger than words, and knowing the post chemotherapy affects that follow, it's very hard to keep thinking this is good. Not any more, my self proclaimed 'Shining Silently' take on Cathal's superb capture here has lit up my mind. It has opened up a whole and broad prospective for me. I'm the light source and I've focussed my beam. As I mentioned, I'm aiming for the stars but quiet happy if I lock on and hit the lunar landscape instead. 

In a few weeks time my oncologist, Dr. Oscar Breathnach will put me thru a CT Scan. This will be my first scan since the one that discovered this dreadful tumour. It will be the first comparison that can be made since my chemotherapy began. It will tell a story. I just prey to God, St. Pio and my dear late Mum that the picture my oncology team see on this next scan is one of positivity. My 'shining light ' image and indeed analogy will be well trodden during this time. I need this beam of light to stay brighter than ever. 

If I have anything to do with this, my beam will shine silently and in doing so will light up my new world, my world of recovery that I need to focus so hard on and will do. Please god this light will continue to shine and my finger will be on the button just as Cathal's was when he snapped it. 

Thank you for reading my blog.



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