The Social Side of being Sick.


I paced my rest earlier in the day, as we were invited to my Aunt and Uncles earlier in the evening for dinner. 
What a lovely treat with tasty home cooked food. It was yum, followed by homemade cheesecake with a twist. Great to catch up too with chit-chat and of course, bump into cousins I haven't caught up with in a long time.
All good stuff. 

When you get sick, it's so easy to both mentally and physically drop down a few gears. 
It's actually the obvious thing to do, why? because it's the easiest. 
For this evening my easy option would be not to go out and visit my relations.
For later tonight, easier for me to call back Rhys and cancel him from picking me up and bringing me down to a local hostilary where we have a monthly aviators meeting over a few sociable beers. 

My gut feeling for today was to ignore the easy option and get out
I did exactly that !!
It's important to get away from your own surroundings, from where I'm based nearly 24 hours a day if I chose not to make an effort. 
My mind (and yours by the way sweet cheeks) needs to get ongoing stimulation, it's how we progress with our thoughts, our decisions, our outlook, indeed our humour. Think of it as oiling the cogs. 

Meeting my fellow aviators tonight ticked a big box for me. Some weeks ago, I was only home from hospital (pre treatment) and these guys invaded my bedroom and we held our 'First Thursday' meeting sitting on the edge of my bed. This being our last get together before Christmas, it was important to me to make the effort and travel to them this time. I'm just in the door of the pub tonight and I get a big shake hands and an even bigger smile from the owners, Declan and Irma. It's times like this I feel my eyes welling up, why? I'm thinking back to the last time we met up, and my mind and body were on a different dimension, but hey, chin up Murf, we're in the fight. 
I was delighted I had an lapel pin for both of these beautiful people. 

Chatting to my fellow aviator friends tonight, and again big hello's and smiles. These are the guys that gate crashed my bedroom a few weeks ago and even brought their own beer.
Dead sound people, what you see is what you get !!
I didn't overstay for more beers, as common sense does kick in and I was mindful of my battery strength. Alison and Aoife, the two heroes in my life dropping by to pick me up. 

Saying 'Goodnight and Happy Christmas' to my fellow albeit fixed wing friends tonight and it touched a nerve with me. It's hard to explain but the nearest words that I can find are probably 'bitter-sweet'. 
Bitter, quiet possibly as I'm still in the unknown (work in progress) with my treatment and sweet as it was great to see them all.  

So here's the result, kicking myself out of the house this evening turns out to be the best thing I did today. 
I'm saying this obviously in hindsight but in doing so, (if you are in a similar situation to me), giving you the advantage of using this as foresight for you. Please use it. 

In a measured and responsible way, this worked out well for me this evening. 

Thanks as always for reading my blog. 
Safe flying too if that's your thing. 



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