A friend is taken, I must re-focus. For Sean !!

The late Sean O Kelly R.I.P. 

Not so long ago, I met a lovely young man called Sean O Kelly.  I got to know Sean reasonably well as we both worked for the same company,  PayPal. Infact we both started on the same day. I'm still there (albeit out sick). 

My first impression of Sean was (and I am one of those that do first impressions):
 "What a genuine, salt of the earth, friendly guy". 

Some weeks before I got ill, Sean went out sick. The dreaded illness which Sean had beaten before was back but he was going to beat it again this time, they are Sean's own words, not mine. But it wasn't to be. 

If somebody asked me to describe Sean, the only way I could, would be to say "If there were a joint word in the English dictionary called 'Super-Friendly', look it up and you will see the name Sean O Kelly right beside it. 
Nothing was a problem when working along side Sean. Your work related query became his, so when I saw this natural type of attitude, I tend to reciprocate and gravitate towards it. That's how myself and Sean hit it off so well. 

Incase you think I'm going to avoid the proximity of Seans illness to mine, well you're wrong, I'm not !
What has happened to Sean is very sad. 24 years of age is way too early. Sean is one of the good guys, why him? why? the latter spinning over and over in my mind. Sean's illness was not a million miles away from what I am going thru at the moment. It's pretty damn close actually. 

On hearing of Sean's passing last night, did it rattle me ? Yes, of course it did. 
I can best describe it like, me as a kid cycling along on my biggest bicycle, with stablisers intact and then suddenly, somebody just kicked one of them off. Note the words 'one of them'. 
Of course I'm absolutely shocked, as is my fellow work colleagues on Sean's sudden passing. 
But, (and with the greatest respect to Sean and his girlfriend Lauren), I have to see this as a speed wobble for myself as one of my stabilisers goes missing. I have to re-adjust the weight and balance and keep peddling that bicycle or in my vision, flying this special solo flight in my Hot Air Balloon, like there is no tomorrow. 
Remember my mantra, 'Don't fear the challenge, let the challenge fear me'. We'll stay airborne !!

I have a one in a million family and one in a billion on the friends front, as was proven last Saturday morning
Sean's ship has dry docked. My ship or indeed Hot Air Balloon as I reference it by, will by the grace of St. Pio, sail the calm sky's again. My crew are standing by for instruction and their captain is here ready to give it. 

As I'm thinking of Sean, I'll put an extra vigour and determination into my effort and stride. 
I must. I have to, I will, I am. I don't want Sean's passing to be in vein for me and it won't!!

I want to break down when I must, then quietly raise my eyes and thoughts skyward and whisper to myself:  "This is one for you Sean O Kelly, this one is for you". 

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam. 

St Pio, Appreciate if you would welcome Sean. 
Show him photos of your St. Pio Hot Air Balloon G-PPIO. 
He might like to join you and my Mum on its next flight. 
Fly High !!


  1. Your Heart felt words gas left me Clutching mine Murf, Stay the Journey of hope as your Shores of Success are on the Horizon and your Drifting ever closer to them and your family are awaiting your Arrival


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