An Overseas Letter From One Brave Irish Mammy..

When I'm writing my blog, and reading it back to myself, I really only see what I am writing about. 
What I cannot see or even appreciate is what others see or indeed take out of my blog. So in one way, my blogs can be like a one way mirror. 

However, what infact others do take out of my blog is just as important, perhaps even more so than what I get out of it myself. 
Yes, I do get plenty of correspondence from people just like you, who are following my progress on a regular basis. Actually, I got an email this morning which really touched me. With the senders permission, I am sharing it with you here. Mindful of privacy, I have masked over the senders name. 

The letter I received this morning from Germany:

"No matter what the odds are - they are not law - and can be beaten"

This Mother has been at the coldface. When one thinks one has  problems, read this letter and only then can one realise that there is always somebody else in a much more upsetting position than you are. When you read the above letter, you cannot help but notice that my blog has brought back many a sobering moment for this Mammy, but yet what I can see here are definitive moments of encouragement written for me. It's these words coming from Mothers like this that push and encourage people like me. What a humbling experience it is for me to read what this Mammy has to say. 

The hard part here, (for me), as a devoted Dad is that I just want to reach out and give this Mammy a huge big hug, but I can't.

With the blessing and permission of this Mom, 
I'm dedicating this blog to the memory of Liana. 

R.I.P little lady. 
Your Mammy is a legend. 



  1. What a brave mammy she is ...strong and proud...another soldier in your corner


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