Minding that Mind, it's THAT thought that really counts.

A very important message,
 from a person who would know a thing or two in this area. 

I know I've touched on mental health here before, but this area is so important, It asks for and as such, actually demands a lot of respect. If you (like me) are going through the chemo wars right now, make room, we have a very powerful associate in hand, our mind. 
As I've stated before, I am no expert in this area, far from it. But over the past while, I can assure you that my mind has visited places that others would fear to thread. If you are assuming there might be a connection between this and my current Gastro Cancer, don't waste your time trying to figure it out, I can categorically assure you that YES there is

You see, it's OK not to be OK, this seems like a cool and dare I say it 'sexy statement' to make but believe me you, these exact words speak an honest truth. I've certainly got my mind settled on one thing, my current tumour was fed by stress. Apart from the ways of the world playing their part in my little word, you can add to that my own peculiar version of OCD. You see, I plan things meticulously. I think of what I want to happen, then how and where, then my mind kicks in. I'll run thru multiple and various outcomes of what the result could be, then I'll re-write and re-plan every angle as so in my mind, I'm providing more options which in turn would influence a specific and sought after outcome which is favourable to me. The back end of all this can and indeed does result in over-analysing situations. This peculiar trait brings its own friends to the party and they are all called STRESS. 

We all know that quote from our science class, 'For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction'. Action of Stress=Reaction of tumour ? Say hello to Newton's third law of motion everybody. In my case, the Motion/action #1 is Stress with Motion/reaction #2 being my inoperable Gastro Tumour. So, my mind was a willing accomplice and key in putting this here ? In my opinion, Yes it was. 

But guess what ? I'm using my mind to be this key again, but this time it is going to be key in removing it. I'm using Newton's third law of motion again but this time in reverse. 
Motion/action #1 of positive thought and spirit with Motion/reaction #2 of expunging my tumour. These positive thoughts are hi-powered. My rules are ZERO STRESS. I need and am now ruthless at saying "No" or "Sorry but No" wherever I preceive a flashpoint of stress about to surface. Needless to say, and ironic as it was, the most stressful moment in my life (to date) was late last September when an eminent Gastro Surgeon diagnosed me with Pancreatic Cancer (It's GASTRO actually). What could have happened here was me taking things in a horrible direction (in light of this news) and ending it. But it didn't. I'm so thankful that didn't happen, I can assure you I have no intention of seeking any recourse here. Wouldn't it be worse if I was told 'GASTRO' then, those infamous 2 weeks later to be told:
"Sorry Mr. Murphy, Gastro? Errr, I meant PANCREATIC". Now Houston, we do have a problem. 

It's all forward thinking here folks, not even a speck of sideways by the way. It's zero stress, it's glass half full and filling as we speak, it's CAN do, never CAN'T do. It's smiles, it's laughs, it's giggles, it's victory for the taking, it's Murf's Mind !!

I'm saving the best wine here till last, even though I let you see the label first. 
The beginning of this post depicts a screenshot of a message I was sent earlier today. 
I have of course respectfully sought and subsequently received permission to publish it, but my colleagues' preference was not to receive any credit for same, hence the blurring in honouring their wishes. Their published statement here means a lot and is of course to be trusted, the source you will agree would be of a reasonably sound disposition. 

So be it Cancer, be it depression, be it other physiological demons, my mind, your mind is an extremely powerful entity. It can be the cause, it can be the willing assistant, BUT it can also carry the codes of a beautiful combination that can conjure up a real and present solution. 

Remember after the darkness comes the dawn. 
This is guaranteed to happen EVERY morning

Mind that Mind, it's an amazing force that can be nurtured. 
Turn that key into white light. We won't be doing dark shadows here. 

I'll leave you with some useful contact details here, incase they are needed. 

Remember it takes 'STRENGTH' 
(not weakness) to ask for 'HELP'. 

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For my Irish followers:

Be Strong !!

Thanks so much for reading my blog. 


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  1. Never a truer word mate! Stress is the cause and creator of lots of health issues. And stress doesn't actually exist! We invent it! In our own heads! So by the same theory, lash your mind into reverse and un invent it. The best tool in our toolbox every day of our lives. Mind yourself well.

    1. Thanks Dave.
      Yes, it's amazing to think that 'stress' is a 2nd cousin to Harvey the rabbit. (It doesn't exist).


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