It's Time to Talk, lets turn it Inside Out !


We have all heard that saying, 'it's good to talk'. Now with 6 months of fighting my inoperable Cancer and what I have been thru during this time, I am now doing just that...TALKING. As my wife Alison tells me, I don't have any issues in that department. Apparently, shutting me up is the problem 😂😂. 

Sprinkled in between some of my blogs to date, you will notice I allude to a somewhat unusual pattern that I have noticed following me since my cancer diagnosis. That being various items, skill sets, processes, practices or procedures that I somehow unwittingly picked up over the course of the past number of years, but just parked them up since that time. Now, during this most metamorphic period in my life, I find I have a most definite and wanting requirement for each and every piece of my somewhat unusual collection. 

I'm not going to bore you here with a list of what I'm referring to, but rather just distinguish one that is appropriate at this period of time, the art of public speaking. It was just 2 years ago when I signed up for a 6 week night course in a college in Dublin City Centre. I did it totally out of the blue and on my own. Infact, I never disclosed it to many of my friends and up to this very day I couldn't explain why. But now, that part of this surreal jigsaw seems to be slotting perfectly in to place. The course I did was excellent. I had my prior research done and discreetly found that if this course tutor was good enough for national television broadcasters and high profile politicians, well then she was good enough for me. I'll always remember the first night of the class. Being in a room full of strangers was nerve racking enough. I did get a small bit of relief when we were told that obviously nobody would be speaking here on the first night, until an hour later out tutor giggled and admitted she lied to us.... Eeeeeek !!!

So what is my motivational chat all about then:

With the title 'INSIDE OUT'my talk is a pin dropping presentation on how at age 5, when instantly and permanently I was blinded in one eye, I went on to achieve a personal life long goal of becoming a pilot. During my 75 minute presentation, listen to how I explain how I became the first and only individual in the world, trained post accident sight loss, not just as a qualified Hot Air Balloon Pilot and a licensed Helicopter Pilot, but how I went on to own and fly Ireland's only wheelchair accessible Hot Air Balloon. A strictly private and personal project, where I use this unique opportunity to share my ballooning passion with all my wheelchair using friends. I love sharing this sport, now everyone gets a go !!

Coming up to speed, I have just turned 49, and within my talk, I invite you to come with me as I share with you, my coping and can do attitude with my inoperable Gastro Cancer and how, by sharing my ongoing daily personal fight with the outside world, via this, my popular blog, you can listen to how I have gone on to inspire others. (You do know how much I hate that 'Inspire' word, but I am told I need to use it). 

'INSIDE OUT' is exactly that. It puts out there not just what makes me 'tick' and face up to and grab with both hands the fierce challenges I have beaten and goals I have achieved, but this talk also shows how I 'tock' as I battle and indeed continue to chart my ongoing serious illness on a daily basis. This is one story a secondary school or forward thinking business or progressive company does not want to miss. It IS real, it HAS happened, It IS happening, it WILL change you all for the better, and it is called 'INSIDE OUT'


Thank you so much for dropping by and reading my blog.



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