Remembering the Rescuers, Revisiting REIKI


I think we can all resonate with the terrible news of that dreadful accident that occurred earlier this week off the coast of Mayo involving the Dublin based Coast Guard Search and Rescue Helicopter, Rescue 116. Over the past number of years, I have struck up a friendly relationship with this unit, or with one of it's pilots and his family to be more percise. Living in Dunshaughlin, just a few nautical miles west of R116 base, it's not unusual for us here, anytime of day or night to hear the heavy 'whop-whop' of the S92's giant rotor blades beating against the air as both crew and machine race to the assistance of an aircraft, vessel or being that is in trouble. Two years ago I was very fortunate to secure a visit by R116 to Aoife's School 'St. Seachnalls" here in the village. They spent over 2 hours on the ground and made sure every kid got a tour of the aircraft where every inquisitive question was competently answered. This is the exact measure and breed of the type of individual who is drawn to this vocation, because that is exactly what it is. As I write this blog, I can confirm that none of the pilots or flight crew that flew into St. Seachnalls School are involved in the recent tragedy.
At the request of the families concerned, the GoFundMe Bereavement Fund campaign for Rescue 116 has been taken off line. It is envisaged it may be reinstated at a later date. 

All funds raised will be transferred directly to R116 base over the coming days. Thank you to all those that contributed. 

Revisiting REIKI

During the week, I frequented my REIKI therapist Annette for my 2nd taste of this fascinating flavour of healing therapy.
They say every session is different and I can vouch for this. Being visit number 2, I can certainly say I was a lot more at ease this time. I found when in my deep relaxed state, I was more in tune with myself. I could at various times of the session sense a tear ooze from my eyes. My thoughts at these moments were not about me, but related to those close to me and the care and love I am getting from them. How lucky I am at experiencing this. As for the tears? tears of gratitude?
I'm not exactly sure.

During the session, as Annette stood behind me, as I lay under a warm and extremely comfortable blanket, her hands would gently touch and then hold my head. As her hands then left my crown, I experienced a most definite and defined radiant heat. This was a new experience for me, on visit 2. The whole session lasted over an hour and yes, I felt a totally relaxed and calming experience come over me, both during, afterwards and indeed for most of that day. Later, I retired to bed circa 4pm for my anti-chemo rest. I slept well till teatime during this period. Then later, circa 10pm, when I retire to bed for the night, I sleep non-stop till the following morning. Yes, the power of REIKI has come and made friends with me, no surer thing, and for that, I am very grateful. 

Throughout this week, I have been experiencing what I best describe as shear and rapid exhaustion. Come mid-afternoon, I just get zonked and acutely so. The resolution is straight to bed, which happens. Minutes later and I find myself in the mother of all deep sleeps. I know this, as Alison wakes me 3 hours later, it's like been awoken from a deep night sleep at 4am.

I dedicate this blog to the heroic flight crew of the 
stricken Rescue 116 Coast Guard Search & Rescue Helicopter. 

Ut Alii Vivant.
(so others may live)


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