My A-Z, my life alphabet and how it works for me..


I'm now hospitalised (this time around) for one week at present.  I'm not sure how or why, but the time here is flying by, quiet literally. If I said that my time here is shifting too fast, would that makes sense ? Trying to grab a moment to synchronise my mind with my heart and then both of these with my soul, is real game of catch-up here.  So, my way of caputuring what I need to grasp and indeed share out of life right now, I have decreed to harness same with my own A-Z of Life. 

A is for Ann, Alison and Aoife, the three legends in my life. I didn't get lucky once, I got lucky 3 times. 

B is for Balloon. The most major distraction in my life that took me completely by surprise and then proceeded to show me how to look at this life business from a whole and totally unique prospective. 

C is for Cancer. A most horrible, evil and vile illness that is currently bullying me, my friends and my little family. 

D is for Death. A word I have a lot of respect for and one where over the past few months I have learned to stand up to, face on and communicate with. 

E is for Energy. Keep busy, keep that mind moving, the brain needs it. Think of it as gym time for the grey matter. 

F is Fun. If it doesn't involve Fun, then I'm probably not involved. Don't get me wrong, I'm always happy to jump in and bring that F word with me. 

G is Go. My grasp is usually Can Do, so it's GO, GO from me all the way. 

H is for Hello. I'm happiest out there spreading my wings (pardon the pun). My 'Hello' has helped me make amazing friends from all over the world. 

I is imagine. I just love my own imagination. If imaginations could score on an IQ, I would strongly suggest that perhaps mine might mirror that of a 9yr old kid. I like that, is that weird ?

J is for Just me. By that I simply mean 'what you see is what you get'. I shoot from the hip. If I say I will do something for you, I will, guaranteed. If I say I won't do something, then that's it too, it'll never happen. 

K is for KARMA. I've seen KARMA deliver the goods, both good and not so good. From my viewpoint, it seems pretty fair. 

L is love. Without getting all soppy, there is a lot of love and genuine care out there. It's a beautiful support to be able to identify with this and I have. 

M is for Magic. I've witnessed this at play in my wicker basket as we float gently above the tree line. Seeing smiles busting out from ear to ear on the flight. That's Magic !!

N is for Never. Never lose focus, Never say 'cannot' but can do instead. 

O is original. Never try to be somebody else, it can never work, because you are YOU. Why the fake change? 
Personally, I prefer to be an original rather than a copy. What do you think? 

P is for St. Padre Pio. We both shared this planet for a few months and over the past 10-15 years, a devotion has been developed. I own and fly St. Pio, a 90,000 cubic feet hot air balloon. G-PPIO flies in memory of my late Mammy, Ann Murphy. 

Q is for Quality. If something is worth doing, it's worth doing right. If it's going in the air with me, it's one of the most important things I bring on board. 

R is for Radio. I've been a radio nerd along time. It just became official when I sat and passed my Amateur Radio license exam way back in the mid 90's. Rather than TV, I'm an avid radio listener and communicator. I'm also licensed to transmit and receive morse code on various shortwave frequencies around the world. On commmercial radio, I love BBC Radio 2, London Gold (ex Capital Radio) and some of the smaller radio stations on mainland Europe and the USA. 

S is for smart. If I don't know something, I look it up or figure out where to find it, on my own. Or if planning something, I generaly start at the end and work back. 

T is Thankful. So thankful and appreciative of all the support I am getting as I fight this evil bastard. 

U is for Unforgettable. Going forward, regardless of what has happened to me, I will forever be in the gratitude of my close family and good friends, amazing people. 

V is Victory. I won't stop till I hunt this Cancer down and obliterate it. HOWEVER, if this goes all wrong, please DO NOT mourne me but celebrate all I have done or endeavoured to do. I want a church of beautiful colour not darkness. Wear dark and you will stand out. 

W is for wings. They give lift. I like wings. Wings in the air and colour on the ground. 

X is the unknown. I need to find X. If I can find X and knock it out, then all should be well. 

Y is for YES. I don't do NO, I'm a glass half full type of person. The Can Do and Will Do? YES !

Z is for Zest. It's been an eventful life full of zest for me.. so far. 
Let's keep on Zesting.  

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