KARMA and KING for one day ?


As most of you know, I have been invited to take part in the impending (40 balloons +) London Lord Mayors Hot Air Balloon Regatta. This is due to happen on the first available flyable slot in June and on the first early flyable Sunday morning. It involves a mass ascent of these ancient aircraft over London City. The whole logistics of getting this to work is mammoth for the organisers. The launch site being the runways of London City Airport adds significantly to this. It doesn't take rocket science to figure out that Andrew Holly with Louise Moore and the rest of the  firm at Exclusive Ballooning have their work cut out for them. 

With short notice being the order of the day, I have been very fortunate with CityJet sponsoring my quick access to this event and then will fly me home again. That fantastic offer is still on the table for me. Thank you again CityJet. 

Roll on last night, my eyes closed lightly lying here in bed in the Bon Secours, I had St. Pio in my mind. I was quietly asking him are we good for this round 2 fight ?. Call it perfect timing of sorts, but next thing my room door takes a gentle knock-knock.

A person who wishes to remain totally anonymous (and I respect that) walked in and tells me he has organised and offered me the use of an 8 seater, twin engined aircraft that can fly me, Alison and Aoife from an airfield close to where I live to a similar airfield near London. No airport queues, no check in, no gated boarding, just a 2 min walk from where we park the car to the steps of the aircraft and the same the London side. If this happens, the aircraft and it's pilot will overnight in London and then fly us home the following day, after of course we land in the balloon from that mornings early launch and flight over the city. 

An 8 seater twin engined Beechcraft with IFR rated Pilot. 

What amazing generosity. It's that bit more special too as I struggle to thank this stakeholder. All I can say is that you know who you are. 

The whole master-switch to this is of course governed by the weather. I understand this Sunday is out re weather so we move on to the next one. My own energy levels and wellbeing do of course play an important role in this too, that's a given. 

KARMA is trying hard to make this happen for me. No surer thing. 

I said it before, I'm saying it here again now, I am truly blessed who I have in my corner. 

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Xx Murf. 


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