Mixing sickness with socialising and say hello to The Tartan Explorer

Enjoying my first pint in weeks. 
L-R: Rev. John Craigie, Helen Colgan, Barry Colgan, Murf. 

I'm sure most of my followers here are familiar with our indigenous island saying: 
"Are ya going for a pint?"
Six months ago, I could answer that question with an enthusiastic YES and be in a position to present myself at the bar, within an hour or so. Not now folks, not now !

I went out to meet up with good friends last night, at my local, the family run, fully loaded O'Briens Arch Bar. It's been a while since I tasted a nice cold draught beer, so needless to say, I was looking forward to it. With Easter weekend done and dusted, I was planning on just a comfortable number of patrons in the pub last night, which duly happened. The less crowd, the least chance I have of getting an infection. 

My plans to go out last night actually started the day before. Why?
I have to plan my sleep patterns in advance, the trick being to get my body to sleep well the night before and then for most of yesterday, stay rested for most of the day with a 2-3 hour sleep needed and required yesterday afternoon. Once that's in the can, I'm generally good to go and stay in good form for most of the remaining evening. 

Yes, it's great to get out and about. Even better though when with good friends. But although I do enjoy the craic and the laughs, during the evening I do (and did) tend to look casually around. Call it people watching if you will, I tend to call it 'Murf's Mind Mapping'. As I'm watching my fellow patrons, engaged in full chat and laughs, it's going thru my mind how lucky these people are. That's just my initial perception by the way.. 

You see, I don't do the 'feeling sorry for myself', hence my use of that 'perception' word, as that is all that it is. We all have our cross's to bear. Mine is my bastard tumour, it of no legacy or legitimacy to me. It'll probably be a few weeks before I drop in again for a self inflicted aka well deserved pint. The following day (after the night before) tends to leave me totally drained, and I just hate and despise that feeling. But for those few hours in the company of good friends? Priceless. 


Josh Quigley 

Now is an opportune time to share with you, a quote from a friend of mine: "It's not that you took your health for granted, it's that you never thought you would loose it". The wise words of one Josh Quigley, a young Scotsman who, after a dark and painful batttle with depression, lost all hope and attempted suicide by intentionally crashing his car at over 128 KPH (80 MPH). 

It was my cousin Brian who initially came across Josh's story. Having survived this suicide attempt and miraculously walking away with no physical injuries, Josh tells us that he strenuously beleives he has been kept alive for a reason and had to grab hold of his 2nd chance at life. The lad had an epiphany that he should tell his story and thus embarked on a huge challenge to raise awareness of mental health issues and inspire those who were also suffering.

On 26th May 2016, the first year anniversary of his suicide attempt, Josh set off from Scotland by bike attempting to cycle around the world as The Tartan Explorer. This was the story of one boy’s journey to happiness. 13 countries later, Josh found the happiness he was searching for and decided to end his cycle and return to Scotland to fulfil his new life purpose of helping and inspiring others. He just returned to Scotland over the past few weeks. 


Josh's Completed International Cycle Track. 

Josh founded The Tartan Explorer Foundation with the dream of taking everything he had learned and giving it back to others. The core mission here is to help and inspire others by promoting positive mental health and sharing Josh’s journey to happiness. 

Although, coming from a different dimension, as I follow and keep up to date with Josh's mission, a lot of what this young man talks and writes about, actually resonates very close to me. There is a definitive similarity to battling a serious illness, like what I am at and coping with ones own mental health. This penny dropped for me as soon I read Josh's experiences. I would urge everyone to click over to this man's ongoing adventure and listen to what he saying and indeed doing. 

Below are the main social links that you can use to catch up with 'The Tartan Explorer'. 

Web: http://tartanexplorer.com ✅

Twitter: @Tartan_Explorer  ✅

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tartanexplorer ✅

Wishing you all the very best Josh. 


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