Giving, Taking and Donating.


I now can't, but you probably can.

Make it your Day to Donate.

It was this week when it hit me, the giving thing. I was a regular blood donator and then just last year I went from giving blood to donating Platalets. The latter requires a bit more effort as platalet donations are required from the donor every 28 days and can only be taken in specifically equipped hospitals, in my case, St. James's. Not everyone can give platalets as you need to have an excess so as not to be starving your own body. In my case, I could give 3 times the normal which meant it was very beneficial to have me on Platalet donations rather than blood.

Yesterday, the phone rang and it was the Platelet Clinic in St. James hospital. Even dealing with well experienced nurses, I could detect an air of shock as I explained as to why they haven't been hearing from me. Although it's all self explanatory, I took it personally that I will never donate again. That quiver in my voice was there as I acknowledged the nurses well meaning and intentioned "very best of luck Aidan". I'm just not used to hearing that 'NO' word without immediately planning a fix/workaround on it, but not this time. Well not my own. 

Click here to give blood. 

All I can do is perhaps ask a current blood donator to perhaps up the ante and get assessed for Platalet donations and ask for somebody who can but never donated to perhaps become a regular blood donor ? There is full time blood donation clinics along with mobile units across the country. I already have mentioned where I gave my platalets. So maybe make today, or indeed tomorrow that Day that you Dontate?

Tomorrow sees me visit the Gary Kelly Centre in Drogheda. I have sung the praises of this support group here before. Thursday is my day for Mindfullness and Relaxation at the Centre. When I leave, it's like a wave of old tiredness has been peeled off my whole body and mind in one complete go. If you or a family friend or colleague is suffering from Cancer, I can wholeheartedly vouch for the Gary Kelly Support Centre. They are here for you too !!

The last 6-7 days is seeing me sleep quiet a lot. I'm a firm believer in, if the body is asking for something? Then give it to it.
So afternoon till late evening, non stop snoozing has been happening regularly here on my watch. I'm on full daily chemo and just had a heavy IV Chemotherapy infusion just 8 days ago so I probably should not be that surprised with all these Zzzzzz. 

I am being told I am looking well at present. I just need to keep my battle focus in sight. Staying away from public/high infection areas is just so important to me right now. So crowded Resteraunts, Pubs etc, I'll be missing. An infection I get, simply puts me back in hospital, not where I want to be, as I'm sure you will appreciate. 

Fighting Cancer is definitely a team participation sport. 
I could not have made it this far without amazing friends, legend of a wife and daughter and inlaws that have been and are just bricks to me. It's like a well oiled, very slick military machine that's abeam my side every second of the day and it's focussed and it's working. 

Thank you all for your ongoing support. 
Can't do it without ya Xxx


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