It's a Black Board Jungle out there and Stephen gives it socks on the Late Late Show.

Last Fridays Motivational Class. 
(St. Seachnalls, Dunshaughlin)

One minute I'm sitting up in the bed, taking my array of meds, next minute I am fine tuning my 'Follow your Dreams' talk I have been giving to Aoife's School. You see, there is 3 x 3rd Class's in Aoife's School and I promised, if I speak to Aoife's class, then that opportunity will be left open for the remainder two other 3rd Class's too. That's what I did on Friday morning last. In fact, being a past pupil of the school myself, I'm more than happy to speak to every class in the school if asked. I think this is what they call  'giving back' ?
I prefer to call it 'Paying it Forward', think about it....

I'm still awestruck at the intelligent line of questioning these kids are asking me during my talk. I find it just brilliant to be able to witness this, but even better that I'm in a position to answer these myriad of questions and it's prefect, as they are all based on my own personal and factual experience. 

I think the most grounding question I get asked by the children is:

"When will you get to see out of the eye that you can't see out of right now?"

I'm expecting this question, so I pause a moment, then I just pop one word out of my mouth 'Never'. 

I immediately acknowledge the surprise on their little faces, but this is my moment to make the most out of and drive home my very simple message: 

"Kids, always, always remember, It doesn't matter where you start, it's where you finish that counts.."

I'm saying this to the children while wearing a smile. Of course, what I am really saying is 'Embrace the challenge' kids and you know what?  they got it, they actually got it and are still getting it !!


Stephen Cluskey on The Late Late Show.

In between all of what was going on with my presentations late last week, I get a phonecall from my friend Stephen Cluskey last Wednesday. I know Stephen a number of years now. We met up when I offered Stephen a flight in my wheelchair balloon a number of years ago and infact he has since flown with us twice since then. Stephen tells me he is a guest on the forthcoming Late Late Show, a prime time TV Show that is broadcast live here in Ireland on RTE-1 Television. You see, apart from being Mobility Mojo Co-founder /CEO, Stephen is also a quadriplegic. But you can add a few more things to that list too. Try enthusiastic and value driven entrepreneur, Try Honours Business degree, Try Established in 2012 to make it easier to find wheelchair accessible transport in the Republic of Ireland. Try Established in 2015 to bring all forms of wheelchair accessible travel together in one place. In 2015 Try, won 'Emerging Social Entrepreneur' at the David Manley Awards. Try: Appointed by Irish Minister for health, Leo Varadkar, to the Taxi Advisory Committee 2013 - 2015 where Stephen has helped secure €3 million to get more wheelchair taxis on the roads here in Ireland. 

Stephen enjoying the high life. 

The point I'm trying to make here folks, is that it is of no surprise to me (and shouldn't be to you), that Stephen was invited as a guest on to the longest running (live broadcast) TV chat Show in the world and he very kindly invited both myself and Alison to be part of it on the night (last Friday) which we were both delighted to do.

Stephen was joined on the show by TV presenter Kathryn Thomas and former Irish International footballer Kevin Kilbane who told us all what it is like to be in a wheelchair for 24 hours. How such basic transient opportunities like getting from A to B should be so 2nd nature, but sadly we are far from that here. Kudos to Cormac Hargaden and Trisha Canning from Loose Horse Television for the production of this important piece of TV. 

Thanks for reading my blog folks,




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