Killing Cancer, powered by Saint Pio.

TODAY is the 18th anniversary of the beatification of Padre Pio. 
Today is also the day I got the best (post cancer) news ever. 

My inoperable tumour has been subdued considerably by the onslaught of chemotherapy. I'm told its now time for my chemotherapy to take a break of 8 weeks. They tell me my body has been inundated with toxins in fighting this thing. It needs a break and that can happen now as the bastard tumor has been very receptive to the kicking it has been getting from this toxic treatment. 

There will be an immediate scan in 8 weeks time and this will decide the next step in this big battle. 

Massive Thank You to ALL on Team Murf. 
I couldn't have got this far without brilliant friends and fantastic family. 

Don't take my written word for it. 
Watch and listen to it instead. 

Very Best !!!



  1. Hope you get some good news in a few weeks, I know what you are going through but we must be strong, not only for ourselves but for our families as we...


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