Chemo Free, I go Radio GaGa and I share a date with your diary.

A Class Act. 
4th Class in St. Seachnalls School give their thumbs up to 
'Follow Your Dreams'

With just one week off all chemotherapy, my body is still trying to adjust. It has a serious detoxification to grasp and there is always that chance it will only last 8 weeks till my next scan. But we must grasp these olive branches where ever we can. In real world terms, it meant last Wednesday I could give a talk to 4th Class at St. Seachnalls. After the talk, I was so surprised at the intelligence of the questions asked by the kids. I even got my first question of "Aidan, did you ever fall out of the basket?"  How embarrassing for me, with the short reply quip of YES, followed eagerly with a "let me explain". All going well, my 'Follow Your Dreams' talk and presentation has landed on very wanting sets of ears. I'm pretty sure it has. 

The following morning, sees my weekly pilgrimage of heading to Drogheda, or to be more percise, the Gary Kelly Support Centre that resides there. I find the mindfulness class's here (along with the staff) just perfect. My two class's here, takes me to 1pm. Time for a snack and for me to recompose myself, as next up at 2:30pm, is an in-studio live radio interview with Gerry Kelly on his award winning 'Late Lunch' on LMFM Radio. 

Ready to go live...
L-R: Gerry Kelly and Capt. Murf. 

Click HERE to listen to the interview. 
(Duration: 14mins 23secs)

There was a special treat in store for me, as I drove into the radio station carpark and there, right in front of me, was an exact replica of the 'General Lee'. The car that shot to global stardom during the US series of Dukes of Hazard. What brilliant childhood memories this brought back to me. 

I was on next to talk with Gerry. A talented and award winning broadcaster who also has this hidden talent of keeping his guests so relaxed. The 15 mins I was speaking with Gerry passed by like 5 mins. I won't spoil it, so please do click on the link above to listen to the broadcast. 

Our Darkness into Light team ready for the off. 
L-R: Aoife Murphy, Alison Murphy, Anna Kellett, Murf. 

Before I knew it, it was late Friday night, or should that be Saturday morning ?  3am to be exact, and time to get out of my warm bed and show my support for Darkness into Light, a fundraiser for Pieta House, a suicide prevention and help charity. It takes a lot to jump out of the bed, so a big Thank You to good friend Anna Kellett who called over at 3:20am. We all set off (Aoife included) to walk the parameter of Fairyhouse Racecourse in the dark, just to finish as the sun was trying to burst through, and it did. 

As I said before, our darkest moments are when there is no light. But at the darkest moment (mid-night), it only lasts 60 seconds, then the brightness follows. 

The brightness ALWAYS follows our darkest moments, please never ever forget that. 

The last day or so has seen some sort of fatigue embed itself into the bottom of my stomach. I'm certainly keeping an eye on it. It's quiet possible it is part of my bodies de-tox but lets wait and see. It's possible it is more of a bowel discomfort and that type of experience has been flagged before as a detox issue. 

I'm continuing to sleep a lot, which I'm told is good.

A Date For Your Diary:

I'm preparing for my first public parish presentation of my talk 'INSIDE OUT'. 
It is a warts and all slide led presentation of how I beat the system and got my pilot qualifications to fly both Hot Air Balloons and Helicopters. It then migrates to show, how I am currently battling with my inoperable gastro cancer. The whole talk is just over an hour. 
On the night in question, there will be a short introduction by a spokesperson from the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre. Admission to the evening is free, with a donation box for the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre present on the night. I will organise complimentary refreshments on the evening in question. 


This presentation will be happening in the Dunshaughlin Pastoral Centre on the Monday night of 19th June at 8pm. A big thank you to Fr. Joe Clavin, Damien and the rest of the Pastoral Centre team for being so accommodating with this effort. I will be reminding you all of the date, closer to then. If you do live within the area, you are more than welcome to come and please do bring a friend. 

The Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre is a registered Irish Charity. 
Charity Number: CHY 15163. 

 (Click email address to say hello, securely).


Thank you for reading my blog. 


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