Down in the dumps BUT: B is for Ballooning with the 'Lucky' balloon.

Aoife and her 'lucky' Hot Air Balloon. 

Handwritten cards are just the best ! You know you are being spoiled when it's these type of cards that out-number the standard affray in ones home. My good friends Anna & Trevor Kellet are regular signatures on such cards. Anna's enthusiasm for designing and making such cards rubs off brilliantly on Aoife, who is always eager to get involved when the Kellett's call. Just yesterday, I loved when Aoife piped-up in the kitchen in her cheery melodious voice:
 "Special Daddy Card for the best Daddy" <above>. 
After the last week that was, this card (above), made sure that the Daddy-Aoife hugs were duly ranked up and reciprocated. Being off all of my dreaded chemotherapy now for 5 consistent weeks is beginning to take a hold but in a different away. I stayed in bed and have slept most of Sunday-Tuesday inclusive. You see, with chemotherapy comes the steroids. Those (now)  missing steroids are errr missed !!
It just means I must and will try harder to counterbalance this enigma. 
Plenty of tears, not feeling sorry for myself you understand, but just deep - deep feelings of being on my own. I know I'm not (and that's certain) but your mind can be a very powerful and manilulative thing, mine too !!

The bright sunny days recently enjoyed helps enormously. The light and warmth is so welcome. It elevates the mood, improves the mindset and overall can and does inject a real life WIN back into me.  I think I neeed to chase some more of that. Not just for me, but for the real stewards in all of this, Alison and Aoife. 
This quote rings 110% true for me this week. 

With the help of pure close family and well trusted good friends, I fight hard to pass this onpass if you will. Haveing my friend  Anna on hand with her homemade cards with select quotes is a massive help. They are part of a jigsaw that slots perfectly into a then gaping slot for me. I can read these quotes and instantly think of numerous real examples for myself. Thanks Team Kellett. 


Wednesday just gone, saw me line up to have my pilot aeromedical certificate renewed. I knew I had a lot of research to do as I had lots to tell my AME (Aeromedical Examiner). Most if not all AME's are also regular GP's, but have a purposefully (bolt on) extra qualification. My own GP is not a contender in this, so my AME is a separate GP. So, it's what we call a 'Class 2' aeromedical that I get. Class 1 would be for commercially licensed pilots. I must do it every 2 years but after age 50 it becomes an annual medical.

I always mantain that you reap what you sew, so I have spent the last 3 weeks organising what I called 'Murf's medically induced, informative timeline event':'
Code name: Operation MITE. 

The latter  is of course appropriate and very important to my gastro cancer. I got MITE morphed into a 3 page bullet pointed medical report from my med team in the Bon Secours. By doing so, I ensured, ALL that is/was needed to know about my current medical history, is known and well explained and all done by the most qualified of signatures. It also means I have a (human) physical line of back-end communication from the IAA Aeromedical right back to my Oncology team. 
The resultant bottom line this week, according to my AME is that he is happy to have my Class 2 issued but just wants to forward my Operation MITE to IAA HQ. To be fair, I asked for this report (MITE) to be physically addressed to IAA Aeromedical HQ in Dublin, but I'm letting my own AME be the primary handler. This way, as I see it,  it puts those that need to know, in the know and more importantly in my loop. But it also respects the next tier above my AME, within the aeromedical section of the Irish Aviation Authority. 

Now, bring on the pleasant weather please. 
I have the rather personal business of nailing this bastard tumour and my head so needs to be in pole position to do this. I'll remind you again of those wise words that were given to me, not that long ago by one of my trusted lieutenants :
"Murf, always fight your battle on your terms, not theirs". 

I'm going to do just that !!

 Xx Murf. 


 I N S I D E    O U T


It is a warts and all visually led presentation of how I beat the system and got my pilot qualifications to fly both Hot Air Balloons and Helicopters. It then migrates swiftly to show, how I am currently battling with and making inroads to my inoperable gastro cancer. 

On the night in question, there will be a short introduction by a spokesperson from the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre. Admission to the evening is free, with a donation box for the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre present on the night. There will also be complimentary refreshments on the evening in question. 

This presentation will be happening in the Dunshaughlin Pastoral Centre on Monday night 19th June at 8pm. A big thank you to Fr. Joe Clavin, Damien and the rest of the Pastoral Centre team for being so accommodating with this effort. I will be reminding you all of the date, closer to then. If you do live within the area, you are more than welcome to come along and please, do bring a friend, there is zero admission cost. 

 (Click email address to say hello, securely).



  1. Some days are dark, but you are NOT alone. We all walk with you, even on other continents.
    Love, Mark


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