Hello from the land of vitamin D.

My Vlog update from the shores of the Mediterranean. 
(Duration: 1m 27sec)

Hello all from the Mediterranean. Travel to hear went well with just a 50min drive from the airport to where we are staying. We flew out on an Aer Lingus A330, which carried the name 'St. Patrick', for those that know me well, Patrick is indeed my first name. 

Last night went a bit pear-shaped. As I retired early to bed, all I could think of was the fantastic family memories I left here with last year. The end result was a bitter episode of crying myself to sleep last night. Being tired from a 4am start yesterday morning probably didn't help. But the sun rises and does so every day, even for my day. So today was much better. 

With the scenery and light available here, it was time for a video blog (vlog). It's stored away from Facebook so can shared with all. It's just short of 90secs so not too hard on the eye lol. 

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