My Favourite Virgin says HI, I go back in time and a chat on the radio.

 My Icon, My Hero and he took the time to do this. 

Ever since my late teens, for whatever reason, I took a fascinating interest in one person. The fact that he was always smiling or was indeed wearing a big infectious grin probably helped. But it was more than that. That Can Do (and will do) attitude, that harder it is-the more I want to do it, that anti-establishment twist to things, that was the draw for me to this person. Over the years, as I strived (with my monocular vision) to get licensed to fly Hot Air Balloons and later Helicopters, at the back of it all, my inspiration came from one individual, one pretty unique person... single  (Sir) Richard Branson. 

The above jaw dropping surprise came in to our living room last Wednesday night. A friend and neighbour, Domhnall Dervan called over with a parcel under his arm. Before I was allowed open the package, Domhnall reminded me that some months ago, I posted on my Facebook book page my ultimate wish, have a quiet beer with Richard Branson and I would be buying it. When I got this terrible illness (which I'm fighting and currently winning), that apparently put a chain of events in order which were worked on by the Dunshaughlin Harvest Festival including my friend Ann McLoughlin and of course Domhnall. How perfect the timing of this amazing surprise is. What my mind sees is this weeks scan results telling me my tumour has "considerably shrunk" and Richard's message to me saying "Aidan, Keep Fighting". Those last two words from my icon coupled with my very recent scan results has just pushed the right buttons that has re-propelled my efforts to what I can best describe as now in 'Nuclear Mode' and I'm not using that phrase lightly. I still can't believe Richard Branson both found then took the time to do this for me. Pure Legend !!!!


Turning back time ?

It's not every day that you are told by a loyal and trusted friend "Well Matey, you do realise you have gone back in time, hmmm by a year or so, you are now quiet possiblly at the same level of health as you were back then". 

I know what you're thinking, Murf has lost the plot but his buddy lost it first. Fair comment, I'll allow that (at this point) but only because I've just given you enough information to form that opinon and no other. 

But guess what ? That alleged frivolous time travelling statement is anything but and here's why: The fact that my tumour has 'shrunk considerably' puts it at a size it was at between 12-24 months pre diagnosis. This by the very nature of that fact puts my own health back in that time frame too. Think about it. Time travel with a twist !! Now the penny has dropped. 

 The author of this time travelling theory is my good friend, UK based Chris Dunkley. The Dunkley's are beautiful people. They have already jumped on a plane and have flown over to see me when I had just learned of my Gastro Cancer diagnosis. They hail from the metropolis of Wendover. I call Chris the Dr. Doolittle of Hot Air Ballooning. He doesn't know that, (OK, he does now). There's nothing Mr. D cannot make a Hot Air Balloon do. Amongst many other things, he's flown (at altitude) a portaloo and a complete double bed (he's under the duvet) slung under a Hot Air Balloon, on different occasions you understand. To this day and with the latter in mind, I'm convinced he can talk to the balloons and they talk back to them. When he's not doing that, Chris and his good lady wife Jane operate a fully licensed (C.A.A) Hot Air Balloon Repair Station. When he's not on the ground stitching, you'll find Chris in the air flight testing a nervous student pilot as he's also one of the UK's most senior Flight Examiners. He gets to come to Ireland too as Mr. D is also a licensed balloon inspector (my balloon must be inspected and passed pre flight every 12 months). 



For those of you that might recall, just after I commenced my treatment of chemotherapy last November, I did a live (in studio) radio interview with our provincial radio station LMFM on their award winning 'Late Lunch ' program. This program is presented by Gerry Kelly, apart from being a well respected and very professional radio host, Gerry is an absolute gentleman to talk to, both on and off the air. 

As word got out of my recent good scan results, I got a phone call last Wednesday morning from the producer of Gerry's show, asking would I take a phone call from the program at 3:10pm that afternoon and talk to Gerry about an update to my current fight. With that plan then instantly set in motion, I got the usual butterflies in my tummy. I knew I had something to share but deep down I also knew I had something more important to say. Not about me you understand but about my comrades, Yes, the people who are fighting their cancer, battling their Chemotherapy. I wanted to make my impending live radio interview as much about them as it was about me. I want us all to get better, get better together. 

Just click the links below to listen to the radio interview of your choice:

 LMFM Radio Interview 25th. January 2017, duration: 9 mins. 

 LMFM Radio Interview 14th November 2016, duration: 19 mins. 


Thanks so much for reading my blog. 

It's now full steam ahead.

Have a brilliant weekend. 

(I have this thing by the b@lls and I'm squeezing hard !!!)

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