Teasing Cancer? Do NOT bite the hand that feeds you !

The Irish Cancer Society just last week launched a national publicity campaign. It was/is being published on national television and national print media here in Ireland. I have a link to it here. 
It is a 40 second piece. It has gatherd a lot of controversy since it's launch.


I would urge you click on this link below

to view this short broadcasted TV advert before reading the rest of this blog. 

I was subsequently invited to and have written an opinion piece on this in the current issue of
The Meath Chronicle Provincial Newpaper. 
The introduction headline on my piece in the Chronicle appears to give a positive spin on what I have to say. I agree I am somewhat 'diplomatic' with my published opinion here but any flavour of positivity ends there I'm afraid. The newspaper told me 'the stage is mine' and to be fair to the publication, they devoted a full page to my article and it is printed in full, word for word... 
..nothing added, nothing taken away. 



To read my published piece in full, just click on the text below this thumbnail 
to access a high resolution file of my article:

         © Meath Chronicle, All Rights Reserved 

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As always, many thanks for reading my blog. 



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