The Force is Strong.

"When you get off the elevator at your floor, don't forget to send 
it back down for the next person"... Murf

I can never admit to being an avid Star Wars fan but going back over some yesteryear memories, I can recall Luke Skywalker and the messages he would get from Obi-Wan Kenobi where the latter 'wise one' would guide young Luke through his perils while at the same time endorsing a 'good force' persona as opposed to the dark forces of his nemesis Darth Vader. 

I have to say, since the onslaught of my illness, the 'good' force around me has been just phenomenal. 
The amount of care and genuine love out there for me often just makes me stall on my current thoughts of that moment and switch over tuner if you like where all I do is think but think deeply and strongly of ALL the names and faces that are here for me right now. That have not just knocked at my front door but have (with respect) come right ahead and pushed it in.  I could realm off names, instances and situations for you here but that's not what this is about, is it ?

What it IS about however, is being there, the availability, the time, the on-standby to listen to me rant or even cry when I  just neeed to and there is no other option for me at that moment. That's the force that needs to be strong. My force around me is so thankfully bouncing that gauge so accurately in the right direction. The fuel needle is peaking near full for me. That's big time so important for me right now. 

Since I started this blog, I have been getting various one to one emails. Most communication appears to be with the close family of those individuals that are currently fighting cancer just like me. I'm nothing special by a long shot, but it's getting feedback from people like that make my blog worth while. Although I might be ill right now and not 'clocking in' per say, I do feel I am contributing something back to the roadshow and I think it's happening in a meaningful way. It ticks even more boxes for me if I think that something I might have said or done has pointed somebody else in the right direction or perhaps, made somthing easier for that individual by helping them along their way. 

One of my favourite sayings (as those that know me will testify to) is 'You reap what you sew'. I took this from my 5th Class experience in primary school when my teacher Mrs. Toole would say 'Garbage in/Garbage out'. I just skewed it a bit and put a carrot out there for myself in the process. On a lighter side note (and one of no real relevance here), in 5th class, I used to get chastised regularly for my handwriting skills. My best effort of the day would be rewarded by my teacher belting out the verbals;
"Aidan Murphy, it's like a spider dipped its legs in ink and ran all over your copy page".  

Well Mirium, I've got news for you: I still have Dr's handwriting 😂😂.

Where I am going with my reaping and sewing might now begin to become apparent. I appear to be, No, I am getting back multiples of 'can do' in the reaping department as I keep bouncing happily along in the sewing area. From prayers to beautiful presents with deep meanings to possibly the most yum treats any wanting person could ask for and of course, the plenty of amazing deeds in between. The sewing and reaping is happening non stop here and it's firing so many positives in so many peoples direction. As I mentioned to a friend today that I met down the Main Street, (Hi Ollie), it might take another 20 years to prove, but a positive mindful approach to my current dilemma could well from part of the yet unknown magical ingredients that will eventually contribute to part of a definitive cure or prolonged remission to cancer. As for me, I'm already assuming this and made this decision to do so just hours after receiving the numbing news. It's my reaching for the stars. It's that small extra effort on my watch that might put that somebody else in the right place. It's these type of scenarios that I can do business with and love so doing. You owe life a living, it's not the other way around. 

It is only sometimes when you observe somebody from afar, that somebody who could probably well do with that helping hand, that pointing in the right direction, but guess what ? It never comes. Here is the sad part; the person whose chips are done are totally oblivious to even the notion that a-n-other can come to them and make a big positive impact in their life right now or more importantly, that they are in a unique position to shine a light in a-n-others direction. They never twig or figure out why doors keep closing for them or even the fact that the door isn't even in existence in the first place, and then they very mistakenly go through there life like that. There is no sewing here so no reaping either. Instead there is a dark force, and that's this persons norm. What a total waste !! Nobody wins. 

I always have this quiet mantra whizzing around in my head;
"Everybody gets a go, everybody wins in Murfs world"
I'm not going to go into specifics, this is not about that, but the doors that have opened for me and continue to do so are phenomenal. Going through what I am right now, this may seem farcical but I can assure you right now, often I don't even a see a door, than boom, it appears and I find myself holding the key, and you know what? It's a beautiful feeling. Here's the thing though, if I use that key, I always try and share it and that my friends is when I know the force is strong and there's plenty of light to back me up. 

And No!, I'm not going to sign this blog off with:

Seriously though, as always, thanks so much for reading my blog. 
Incidentally, my blogs are fast approaching 50,000 views 
which is quiet unnerving for me to be honest. No pressure eh ?

 Best and warmest wishes to you all. 

Love ya !



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