Ups and downs but the rise and trot is A-OK.

I need to have my DOWNS....  Why?
Because without them the UPS would mean nothing.
The last few days has seen me bounce around with new found strands of energy levels. The feeling of actually having energy, on tap et al, is a sensation I haven't felt for months.. and it's beautiful.

Aoife, on board Snowball, being ably assisted by Molly.

Roll on after lunch today, and whatever went thru my body, it decided to take the afternoon off. As is smart when this happens, listen to your body, It's having a chat with you. Well, it's grabbing my attention. There was a balance for me to check in with during this speed-wobble. I've just missed Aoife's first ever riding lesson at a local riding school.. DAM IT !!
Equine Experience runs in the family with Aoife's Grandad Pat, a retired lifelong member of the Ward Union Staghounds, so I think 'no fear' appears to be the order of the day. A big thanks to Bea at Pelletstown Riding Centre and Aoife's instructor Elaine for putting a big smile on a little girls face this afternoon... Thank You !

Straight to bed circa 2pm and I have just slept solid, having just woke up after 2.5hours sleep. I wake up with the news that 6 year old Bradley Lowery in the UK has just passed away from the dreaded cancer. Little Bradley rose to prominence after the junior Sunderland fan struck up a close friendship with star striker Jermain Defoe. So I've donated a few tears this evening. Cancer can be so bloody cruel. Leave the kids alone, I'll take it, just F*CK OFF and leave children out of it.

The rest of the evening here, I intend just taking it easy. I'll probably re-visit my presentation 'INSIDE OUT' and sharpen the odd vowel or constant within it. Ironically, my last 2 weeks in hospital ended up with me having to postpone this event. BUT, it handed me an opposrtunity to re-work quiet a lot of this presentation, which I duly took and indeed quiet happy to do so, everybody is a winner. My P's & Q's have been sharpened. The content has been re-studied so as to make the whole thrust and feel of it more succinct. Just crossing my fingers that I now get to actually get to deliver it this time:

JULY 20 @ 2000hrs in the Dunshaughlin Pastoral Centre. 

YOU are very welcome to come along. AlI I ask is that you bang off a quick email to if you do intend to come. This RSVP email is kind of important, as it gives me a good heads up as to planning specifics on the night in question. I'm a great believer in measuring twice and cutting once, never fails. 

Thanks for reading my blog. 
Have a brilliant weekend. Say hello to me if out and about, I'd like that 🤗


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Thank you so much for reading my blog...


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