Chemo and Clots, both say hello.

Yesterday, my weekly chemo day was going to start of with a difference. Over the past few days, I've had what's best described as an awkward discomfort in my tummy. Of course, it is so easy to jump to an inaccurate and self styled conclusion. Lucky I tend (in these situations) to follow my own advise. Que my mindfulness courses that I learn from the Gary Kelly Support Centre. On advising the team of this new discomfort, it immediately put a hold on my chemo and triggered a CT SCAN. The good news this week is that (in the Bon Secours Hospital at least) is that any CT SCANS I now go for, no longer require me drinking that dreadful contrasting dye. My scans can be successfully provided without this process, most helpful. However, I do understand, certain types of scans will still require this ordeal.

Back up from the SCAN and to my Oncology day unit, where I am placed on an IV fluids drip for 2 hours. Then one of the Dr's on my Oncology Team comes over and pulls the privacy curtain around my leather 'automated dentist chair'. "Here we go I'm thinking.." Dr. Darko announces they have the scan results:
"Ok Aidan, We found something we were expecting, but also something we were not". I instantly announce that it's the 'not' piece I'm interested in. "You have blood clots in both of your lungs". Dr. Darko tells me. What a surprise, and I apparently was showing ZERO SYMPTOMS of this interesting sideshow. The fix for this is back to daily injections in the tummy. I've been here before, at the beginning of my treatment when they installed a port under the skin in my chest which didn't work out and got even with me back then by firing up clots in my arm.

If the latter was my 'bad news' from the scan, well then the good news came swiftly afterwards. Dr. Darko tells me that my cancer is "responding well to the new regime on chemo". Yesterday's scan was really too early to be used as a cancer/chemo measuring aid but since it was required, it is showing my  cancer shrinking in a positive way, the best news of the day for sure !!!. So I am still winning folks. I'm battling my heart out with this bastard of an inoperable tumour. My talk (you may have witnessed last Thursday night) runs through my head, first thing every morning, like a launch code sequence to a missile. My thoughts are the launch code, my mind is the missile. "I'm going to go and blow the pure living shite out my toxic trespasser, rest assured of that". So yesterday saw me get home at 4pm and I hit the hay for 4:30pm. I just zonked out in bed and woke up at 6am this morning, save been awoken by my legend of a wife, Alison for my intermediate consumption of must take meds.

So this weeks Chemo is scheduled to happen tomorrow, Thursday, my temporary 'Take it Tuesday'. Speaking, err, typing of 'Thursday', I'm still pinching myself that my talk 'INSIDE OUT' last Thursday in the Dunshaughlin Pastoral Centre went off so well. I had no idea that my experience and indeed how I deal with it, would be of interest to so many. I have written a 'Thank You' letter which the Meath Chronicle have graciously printed in full in this weeks edition.

My letter of thanks in this weeks Meath Chronicle.

So roll on tomorrow and my hopeful date with my new chemo. The clots in my lungs are  thankfully just a temporary set-back. It's these daily injections in my tunnmy which I'm not overly enamoured with, but hey, I done it all before, I CAN and I WILL do it again and that's a fact Jack !.

Murf Xxx

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  1. Best wishes and prayers for you. May you get well n fit soon and enjoy a healthy life without dreading chemo's and heavy injections.


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