Ballooning, Bristol, Cancer, The Real BBC.

From the launch field of the 2017 
Bristol International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. 

I'm just about properly rested from a 72 hour escape I pulled off which started at 4am last Thursday morning. 
Under the guardianship of my close friend Sir Andrew of Blagdon, I took part in this fantastic Aerostático experience. BBC Radio Bristol took an interest in my story, as such, host Martin Evans had a chat with me on the launchfield. Just click the link before to access it the interview:

I was just steeped in some luck that both my mind and body where in agreement to let me push a few boundaries and visit this event, but not just that, but to fly in it too. Over the past 24 hours, I published my very first podcast. Without having to reinvent the wheel, my inaugural podcast features in spoken terms what I would be scribing here, focusing on the serious fun and adventure that went on in Bristol. 

This being the case, I invite you to listen in on my very first Podcast. 

Hope you enjoy my podcast. 
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